Looking for Spot Welder

Hows it going all. Been through 2 spot welders now from amazon and cant seem to get through 0.2mm pure plated nickle even though listing says so. This is my second return now and I still cant build my battery due to improper welds. Kinda pissed. Looking for a spare if someone is willing to sell me a spot welder that can weld .2mm. Even to rent at this point I will pay half and return it when im done lol. If anyone has a spare I can buy keep me posted. Cheers

Get a kweld and some lipos. If you search the forum you can find working setups


Thanks man. Forgot to add that im on a budget. Been searching auctions and estate sales to maybe score something more powerful but thanks for the advice!. All of your advice actually has been great. Cant thank you enough!. Trying to stay sub 100, I know its a tough ask but I was looking into the flipsky Sw2 portable as some say it can do .2mm but not sure. Was thinking maybe some hobbyists here had some backups worth selling

Spend 300 now or spend 100 3 times in the future, not to mention the kweld has great resale value.


if you’re on a budget, i say get a pack builder to do your pack

friendly reminder, make sure you got fishpaper, a soldering setup, kapton, and maybe nylon(?) tape

fishpaper especially for isolation of the packs that go in series, and fishpaper rings to protect the positive side of the cell

malectrics is cheaper than a kweld and works rather well, still need lipos and a lipo charger


Look for a used kWeld. If you can’t find one, buy a new one and sell it when you’re done.


What’s your location? I can lend you my kWeld for a pawn. :slight_smile:

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@Tsquared44 please add a location to your profile and/or remember to put it in your posts.


Here is my budget solution.

This shoul works also just buy strong battery and change welding needless.Battery is the very important. I used 8000mAh 100-200C 3s .