Looking for some advice on better wheels

I know this has probably been asked a million times but I wasn’t really finding anything recent and I was hoping to get some current information. I currently have 90mm wheels on my board with a 16t motor pully and a 36t wheel pulley using a 12S3P 21700 battery. I feel like the acceleration is pretty crazy but where I live there are a lot of large cracks in the side walks that make me wince every time I go over them as I’m worried I’m going to damage some electronics due to the intense vibrations. I’ve always wanted to get some cloud wheels hoping that maybe they would provide a slightly better ride but I’m wondering what others might suggest?

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MAD Wneelz. I am out of stock however Propulsion Boards still has a few sets.


Waiting for the wider wheel?

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Is there a wider version coming?