Looking for pulley for Boosted 105S wheels

Whats pulley used in Boosted 105S wheels(Kegel core)?
Is there anyone made the pulley yet?


Faaak with those wheels and pulleys there goes the sk8board budget

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Thank you. The price seems not beautiful :innocent:

Aren’t they just standard Kegel core? Swap over to HTD5M belts and hardware…it’s much better


if you look at the text those pulleys fit kegal and ABEC cores… pretty unique… @Diyesk8builds should buy them for science

Our patent pending design allows you to use Kegel AND ABEC cored wheels…

I still don’t get it…where does the pulley hold on with those wheels?

There’s a cover over the holes on the front

too bad they are 3M

Is the pulley for a boosted board, or regular diy?

I have solutions for both.