Looking for power switch for Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 Plus

power switch for board won’t work anymore, esc still turns on, so I need a new switch. I’m using the esc that came with the BKB Duo 1.1.

How does the ESC turn on? Every time you plug it in to the battery?

Usually this type of problem is not the buttons fault, but components on the ESC it’s self need to be repaired.

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I once got sand stuck in my old power switch and had to swap for a new one because it would never return once pushed in; the switches are pretty standard… Search the usual online retailers for “IP67 switch” or “IP68 switch” and you’ll find them with a bit of scrolling. I simply soldered the old wires to the new switch.

I have a burnt 4.20, got a switch. Where are you based?