Looking for pictures of your eboosted enclosure install

i would like to see pictures of your install primarily how you ran the wires for the vesc

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Drill and use grommets, I like the set from harbor freight it has a bunch of different sizes

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ah thanks wasnt sure if you just used a dremel or what

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I use a stepped drill bit


I made two holes with a drill, then I used a Dremel to carefully make space for the wires to go through. I don’t trust grommets, so I glued a shrink tube in each hole, and with the wires inside put a lot of silicone, then some heat at the end of the shrink tube and a seal strap to grab the the shrink tube at the end…Less holes, less chances to get water into the enclosure…Thats my method…

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Ok this is what I was looking for clean as hell


Got my enclosure what did you end up using to drill where the grommets go

Neither are currently sealed because I’m always in there messing with stuff, but a dremel and a composite bit are your friend if you want an edge hole and not a clean circle off edge like in the previous posts.

When I do seal I typically use black silicone sealer in places like this.


Composite bit is one that kinda looks like a router bit

At higher RPMs it moves through fiberglass and other composites like a laser through butter. Got it from toolstoday, I think it was $30 or so. Totally worth it, I’ve had it maybe a year and a half now and I use it frequently.

@KfromtheBay what grommets are those?