Looking for nickel sheet supplier

I’m looking for pure nickel sheet to buy and cut myself (CNC or Laser)
can anyone recommend a good supplier to order it from? Amazon sellers sold me not so pure nickel so far.

Thank you

If you’re going to get hundreds worth go to alibaba directly, otherwise
https://www.duckbatterysystems.com/ has precut parallel row nickel
my own site https://18650.club/ has nickel sheet
aliexpress “steel city store” takes a couple months but has pure nickel too.


Steel city store got deleted :man_shrugging:


Oh dang, where to buy nickel at a good price now?

https://18650.club/ :sunglasses:
I think I am nearly cheaper than steel city store even after shipping.


Ugh Europe, your prices are good though


Probably not much different from buying from China to the
US, it’d only really be looking at what the price is

Is this store run by you?



Unless you’re willing to pay a lot, very little on Amazon is likely to be pure.

Contact Alibaba sellers. Give them sizing, width, thickness. Ask for samples. Then make a bulk purchase when it arrives and you can confirm it’s legit


Why don’t just help the homie out? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If he’s laser cutting he needs big sheets, no 30mm strip going to cut it there

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Problem with alibaba is they want 300$ to ship 5kg “sample” atleast in my case

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Ah crap, are you really UK based, only place in Europe thats no good anymore (cause brexit)


Yes, I am working on VOIC/GST/IOSS but for the mean time, its identical to ordering from China so there may be a customs fee (Usually very low though). There is no VAT charged on sale so its not like other larger UK companies where you’re charged 20% twice.

If you submit a RFQ you will be able to find suppliers who don’t have :clown_face: shipping prices
You could also use an agent, maybe @dickyho would be able to help reship with EMS or something cheaper.

UK VAT registered companies selling to the EU won’t charge VAT. What’s the double charging of vat thing? Not sure I understand?

You would think so, but I’d say a sad majority of UK sellers in some fields don’t care and charge VAT then just keep it (The “VAT Inc” is just removed but the price is the same).

To be fair i’ve seen it a LOT less since IOSS came out properly, and no esk8 vendors do it, but its more prevalent that you’d think

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I’ll put in if you can get 4x8 sheets.