Looking for Loaded Vanguard deck and eBoosted 10s4p enclosures (United states)

Hey everyone,

To start off, I’m in the United States, New York.

I am looking for the eBoosted 10s4p enclosures. I could buy them on their site but the shipping is $45, which is why I’m wondering if anyone has them available here.

I am also looking for a flex 3 Loaded Vanguard deck. As of now, they only have the flex 1 and 2. If anyone has this, please let me know.

Feel free to PM me anytime. Thanks

I think you might want the flex 2, depending on your weight

Boosted got away with flex 3 since their enclosure game was top notch, but the eboosted enclosure has some fitment issues, which are only exacerbated since the vanguard is flexy as hell. Less flex = less enclosure fitment issues

Also, don’t try and fit 21700s in the 10s4p enclosure, it’s not worth the hassle


Yeah. I’m using a custom builder @thisguyhere. I’ll go with the flex 2, I’m 125 pounds

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Ask him to insulate the folded pieces of nickel he folds over :ok_hand::joy:

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Sure. Prob different build on this one since 18650.

Yours was a pia bc 2170 cells


Ok haha. Thanks for your reply

To seconds what @Sn4Pz said, (I use a flex 2 with the 10s4p eBoosted enclosure too; weight ~145lbs) I would recommend it. If you want to go faster then 25-30mph+ the flex 2 is a better option :+1:


ok thats good. ill go with that

I use flex 3 with my DIY Boosted and eBoosted enclosures are doing just fine.

Anyways, I’m trying to replicate these enclosures and I think I can ship it cheaper but I’ll need to verify that (I’m not from the US).
Are you interested in both battery & electronics enclosures or only one of them?

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Yes, both battery and esc enclosures. You replicate them? Or you can send me the original ones?

The battery enclosure would be shipped to Los Angeles and the esc to New York (unless it cheaper for both to los angeles)

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The design eBoosted is using is on Thingiverse, I 3D print the models and apply layers of fiberglass and polyester resin on top of them, as well in the inside. I then sand them to get a nice and smooth finish. I did the ESC enclosure while ago and it came out rock-solid, haven’t had the time to do the process for the battery enclosure (already 3D print it just need to fabricate it).

I can share pics tomorrow.


Oh ok that seems good. How much for both of them shipped to LA?

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Will check this tomorrow for you :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Do you have an estimate? (sorry i’m just trying to find my final price)

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I intend to sell them a bit cheaper then eBoosted. I shipped few small items (VESCs and 3D printed pulley covers) to the US and it was like $10 for shipping. I’ll need to check what will be the pricing for bigger items.

ahhh ok. I dont think they will weigh that much

Let me know thanks

Hey Man,

I got one eboosted enclosure that I never used, I could do 100USD (shipping include 20USD).



Hey, thanks for the offer! Can you check your PM


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