Looking for gently used working parts for my build

motors gears and mounts and belts trucks wheels

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I’m having a 30q 10s4p being made. Probably the best price you’ll ever find a 10s4p

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I can pay on the 26th would that work? ok so it wont work ill check i might be able to pay tommorow


I think it’s 12ah or 12000 mah

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It’s perfect for your build

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I’m almost desperately in need for the $, have to replace my car battery!


A 10s4p for $330 was the best deal out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Just giving you a hard time, lol.

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Where are you based

I’ve got a few things I can let go for cheap. I’ll take some pics and post them.

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Also what Kv motors

What kind of trucks and mounts are you looking for?

caliber or tb trucks tb mounts for 63mm motors

I have TB trucks with caliber baseplates and proper cups, well the whole updated set!

cool what are you asking for them?

Would like 60 euros for the whole set.


Good deal. If he doesn’t want them i probably know someone who does.

I’ve got barely used MBS 100 wheels, various sized 15mm wide belts, various power switches, and a psycotiller evo enclosure that would work on anything in the 40’’ range. PM if interested in pics of any.

I have Tb caliber trucks

Single ollin setup which includes





Mount (with idlers)

Also have a bunch of enclosures and decks that you could take

I have a brand-new set of red Caliber II’s with Marc mounts (Janux) with idlers for sale. I would do all for $125 shipped (in U.S.)