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Looking for Feedback


Loved this community, we don’t want to spam you, we’re a brand doing market research, and we wanted to get some organic feedback from you to see what you think about the new helmets we’re developing.

The idea is to create a helmet that protects you at a higher level than the CPSC standard and keeps you stylish at the same time. In short, our helmet will pass the Dutch NTA standard, which protects you at speeds up to 28 mph.

We’re looking for people to give us their feedback, and in return you will get a 30% discount code when the new helmet is ready to go. This is a chance to directly influence the design and features of our new helmet.

At the moment we’re only able to ship in the US, so if you live abroad you won’t qualify for our discount since there’s no way we can ship you the helmet. However, if you’re still interested in giving us your feedback you’re more than welcome to participate!

Click the link below if you want to join :point_down:

Thanks in advance!



The survey is limited to asking what colour do you prefer.

Not really an opportunity to “directly influence the design and features of your new helmet”

Don’t bother folks.


This is an incredibly rude response to someone posting on the forum for the first time, not sure what that’s about.

@xnito thanks for joining the forum and offering to give us a discount & provide feedback. Interesting to hear you’re with another helmet manufacturer. Do you guys have any interesting creating a full-face? There is already an abundance of half shell helmets out there.

What are the good parts of your helmet? Does it protect better than a normal skate helmet? Why should we buy yours over established brands like TSG or T8?

I do agree with baxter on the fact that “directly influencing” features is not really the same as picking our favorite colorway


Dark colors look better IMHO but I would never buy a dark colored helmet because visibility is a safety feature.

What do you like? or What is your favorite? are the wrong questions IMHO. What would you buy/wear? is a better question.

I like black and camo helmets… but I don’t wear them, because I’d prefer to be seen by motorists.

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I, for one, was very excited to see it wasn’t full face.

They do look pretty nice, in fairness. I like the look of it better than the thousand oaks one or whatever it’s called

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