Looking for enclosure for Sector 9 Ghost Tree (pintail ish)

Hey all. Im pretty attached to this deck.
I know going for another deck/enclosure is probably easier but I want to see if I can make it work

I am going to be making a kydex custom enclosure but the logistics of that may make the enclosure not come out well. Is there an enclosure meant for decks of this shape? Something generic is fine as long as it isn’t a lunchbox

Battery setup is 10s4p with cell holders. There are pictures in the battery builder clubhouse.

L: 42.00"; W: 9.25".

Did you try checking out psychotiller enclosures or bigben ones?

Yes. they are rectangular. i had read other posts similar to this before posting this. It recommended the same thing. Im surprised nobody is making non rectangular enclosures

Split low pro V3 27" looks promisising

Yeah I would imagine the reason is just because the non-rectangular space isn’t useful for many things? Who knows. maybe a longer skinny one would look good on this deck

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true. in a curved enclosure. Only really the square bit in the middle would be useful to house most of the equipment used in estate.


Try this one: [CA] Selling unknown esk8 parts



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@Agressivstreetlamp I tried to be useful ok blame brent


For your 10s4p with the cell holders would you be willing to make it into a shape different than a square? The boosted-type enclosures are very cool looking imo and that might work well for a pintail if you can make the curves work

@Agressivstreetlamp I used a Psychotiller Flagship V1 a few years back to build up a Sector 9 pintail with a friend. They’re rectangular, yes. But you can dremel the edges to a slight curve and it actually works quite nicely. It’s been 2 years and that enclosure has survived plenty of crashes and scrapes.


Agreed, I have so far only built the parallel groups so I could still stack them. It would be a lot better from a flex perspective.

German for stamp?
Good to hear somebody else has done a similar deck.

Ill keep these two in mind. Thanks!

Yeah I was actually thinking of the eboosted ones too. I always like to preemptively avoid flexing stress and from what I have seen the pintails usually flex quite a bit

Oops - meant to say Dremel

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I have a Flagship V2 on a Battle Axe 35" which is kinda pintail like, it fits well and you can get a 12s3p with BMS and dual ESC in there

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Pics? I searched your profil but didn’t find anything that looked like the battle ax.

Single enclosure would be nice. Prevents me from having a wire run down the length of it. Not to mention shorter battery to ESC wires.

On that topic. How does the extra 3 feet of wire from the battery enclosure to the ESC enclosure not blow up Caps like Confetti?

Not sure how electricals behave but so far this is not on fire…it’s nowhere near done but it’s got space for dual 6374s when they come in


Hmmm not exactly stealthy.

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