Looking for Bearing conversion spacers - fits 12mm Bearings to 9.525mm (Europe)

I wish I could fit my wheels to some truck with 9.52 axes and one solution could be to have those spacer and some 6901 bearing to fit the 24mm bore…


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I am looking to get one from 10mm Bearings to 8mm axles if anyone has a spacer for that

Google around for washers that have an I
D. that is the same as the axles O.D, with an O.D that’s a bit smaller than the wheels bore.
I used a bunch of 10mm ID, 16mm OD 1mm thick washers as spacers for my wheels.

Doesn’t Trampa sell exactly this?


is that what this does? Un-Trampa Hub Insert for 28x12x6 bearings


I don’t know. But Mike with the “Un-Trampa”… :rofl:

I love that battle.

Yes but they ask for 35;euro shipping for 10!euro product so it is not a good deal

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If so, I 3D printed some for a user a bit ago

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@bwahl602 Hi thank you for your input, what material did you use to print them …as for now I only have some pla around lol

for the washer it is not a problem I cut them myself but for the bearing spacer…

Indeed that kind of the the same usage but with another OD while I can design them in 3D I am not sure PLA will work

I’m not sure if @Accrobrandon has finished putting his together or not, but the ones I printed for him were in ABS

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Yep! Wheels are assembled, aired and on the trucks. I forgoed the bearing spacer for the axle as most said they didnt use it but if you must have them I found a copper bit at home depot in the plumbing section which fit perfectly on the 12mm axles. Just need to be shaved to size. Just waiting on motor mounts and my angled risers and were set!

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Where are you located? I have a set of bearing conversion spacers.


@rich Hi mate, thanks a lot for your reply…I am located in Belgium (Liège) what about you?

@bwahl602 do you by any chance have an .stl for the design?

If not that takes 2 minutes to make with tinkercad…

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I posted the thingiverse link above. It was an annoying part for abs. Getting the shrink ratio dialed in and that spacer requires very tiny supports on the bottom side. Which being only a few layers thick really melt into the part because of the proximity to the bed.

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Got fusion360 On a really slow computer so waiting for that to load up also really bad at designing stuff but will give it a go

If anyone could quickly design one for 10mm bearing to 8mm axle that would be awesome
If you need any more details pm me

Yeah just realised for the wrong size bearing I need for 10mm bearings to 8mm axle if anyone can help