Looking for affordable custom battery manufacturers

I ride just about every day and expect high performance & range out of my builds, which is why I don’t use LFP. That’s something I’ve discovered from riding, not analysis.

That would be an incorrect assumption.

A123 are not an ideal solution for Esk8. eBike builds? Sure, but even still you’re carrying around a lot of weight to solve a problem I don’t consider a big enough problem to solve by doubling my battery weight.

Simply put, if these were viable, you wouldn’t be the only one championing them. Plenty of folks have done the mental math and made that call.

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As one of probably the 2 people that has built an LFP build on here, I agree. We did this for my buddy’s board because it was so damn cheap. He also has a gargantuan carbon fiber enclosure on his board. Without that enclosure custom made for the cells specifically, it would never have happened.

It’s also a 12s6p, which ends up at 10s voltage. Pretty great board and gets around 20 miles range, but when you think about the fact that the same exact enclosure could probably fit like a 12s12p, it really stops making sense.

We did build his battery for like… 200 dollars though


I’m not saying u in particular. Everyone can look at weight or mass and say ion are better… but in terms of actual performance RIDING lifepo4 are better because their discharge curve is almost not even a curve. Unless someone is running some program that adds field weakening later in the discharge and also adds more current the ion pack is going to be losing performance as it discharges and u can FEEL it. Lifepo4 it’s hard to notice if ur at full charge or almost empty

Boosted boards I think are even still using lifepo4.

It’s a trade off. There is no best chemistry for eskate as people need to carry their board and fit the batteries. But if looking solely at performance when under the feet and on the throttle and brake… lifepo4 is better.

I’m not sure Boosted is still doing much of anything.


The original boosted battery from like a decade ago was lifepo4. I have one. Range is shit. 12 p42as would give you double the range of these a123 cells with a higher continuous power out.

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Lighter and smaller, yes, but in my looking the p42a are 4200mah so not double the range and they don’t put out the same power as the A123s.

These batteries NEED fishpaper between the P-groups.

I see no need for fish paper if it’s all glued solid as a block, as it is. Even if it were to somehow short I’ve shorted these cells many times testing them and they didn’t do anything but trip something inside and no smoke, fire, or even heat after a bit.

I jumped off a bridge 17 times and didn’t die, so jumping off bridges is safe.


If u jumped off a bridge youd be dead.

Maybe a better analogy would be if I jumped off an ion bridge (which is 100ft) vs a lifepo4 bridge (which is 5ft), as this chemistry doesn’t go into flames when shorted.

Bold of you to assume he’s not spiderman

Also we are wildly off topic now, hopefully OP has found something useful lol


Yeah I was gonna say something but I already pointed out some other stuff and didn’t feel like being that guy

I could use some extra practice. I assume you’re going for a brick pack? If so here’s how my latest 18s4p turned out… it would be a bit of a lead time but we’ll figure it out and I could give you a pretty killer deal.

Edit: if you’re interested, shoot me a PM.