Looking for a good 12s battery enclosure

Looking for a good enclosure enough for at lease 12s6 battery

For what deck? Is the battery already made? Is it single or double stack? Little more info needed here mate.



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Thanks @BillGordon, as @Sender says, need a little more info.


err not sure what it is, it has a slight curve ont the bottom. id like to fit a really large capacity batterty like a 12s 8 9 ?


that’s an original freeride deck fo sho

Wonder if anyone knows anything that will fit this?

Measure distance between the dropthrough cutouts, width at widest point and width at middle section.

Maybe this?

I don’t know if there is a enclosure that’s made specific for that deck.

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Enclosure issues hold up so many builds.

If you don’t plan on making an enclosure yourself, Or paying for a custom one.
Its highly recommend to insure whatever deck you’re building with has available enclosures that fit before starting the build.

Good luck finding something





One of these fibreglass ones in the 40mm version you would be able to get a double stack battery in.
Internal sizes 545mm x 145mm x 40mm


hello big ben can you send me your price list please thsnks, im after the bigest one you do?
whats the largest capacity you make?

Dude im building a 4wd board. I have 4 90kv motors DD from torque boards. So i need a 12s 6p maybe 8p inclosure that can fit 2 dual VESCS. Can you help?

You can top mount pretty easy, I can make a 12s7p 18650 in a waterpoof hard case if you’re interested

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Think I could see that case?

I’m not making packs at the moment, but it’s the harbor freight Apache 1800