Looking for 12s4p Samsung 40T battery or equivalent (US)

There’s been a reoccurring dream about a new build that has me tossing and turning in bed these days.
4wd with elofty direct drives, Bergmeister or equivalent pneumatics, and a massive battery with tons of current output and little voltage sag.
I’ve been drawn to the 12s4p 40T battery in particular because I think it balances range and current output well (16Ah 140A discharge)
If anyone knows where I can find such battery, please let me know.
I know eboosted has one but I’d like to shop around.
I’m also open to suggestions for other battery packs that will deliver the same bang for less buck.


where are you located?

The US, I’ll edit the title

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Then getting the battery + Switchblade deck and enclosure from Eboosted during black friday would be perfect; with elofy direct drive you’ll have clearance for the wheels as well.

@eBoosted could you update the specifications and features page for the 12s4p? Is says it’s made of 30Q cells and I’m not sure the continuous output current is correct. Thank you!

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It was updated, sorry about the confusion

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The 12s4p made with 40T cells won’t output continuos discharge of 140A, you will get only 100A. The 30T will output 140A


If you’re in the US, highly recommend @M.Hboards. Nicest dude ever and his customer service is top notch. In fact, his customer service is relentless. The guy literally kept in constant contact with me for weeks until I placed an order because he wanted me to have a pack that I would be pleased with.


30T are really high performing but they drop off at 3.3v i noticed so capacity is kind of shit.

built someone local a 12s4p-40T and with satellite motors + bergs, his battery voltage dropped 1.5v after a 10+mile ride. yea they sag quite a bit but for capacity the 40t is king right now.


@Jujo thanks for the shoutout! I have been in contact with @chrischo1996 but until I get back from vacation (which I’m leaving on tomorrow) I am not accepting any new orders so I guess he is looking for some quicker options.


Any other cell you recommend? It’s a toss up between 12s5p of 30Q (15Ah 120A discharge) and 12s4p of 40T (16Ah 140A? (35A per cell x 4 but eboosted said 100A). Which will experience less voltage sag when I draw around 100A from battery? Planning 25A battery max to each motor.

more cells in a P group the better, and 30Q will sag less in general.

it depends on what you want. are you looking to hammer the throttle all the time, pulling max amps for long periods? then 30T. or do you want to go as far as possible? then 40T. or 30Q.

and you can pull 20A safely from 30Qs until a certain temperature (60c?)


The molicell p42a is a even better cell then the 40t although it is more pricy.


i really wanna try molicells but was advised against it by Psychotiller, his shipment had a bunch of dead cells in it. maybe with time they’ll improve but it’s a no from me dawg (for now)


Do you know where psychotiller got his from?

liionwholesale i believe, that was some time ago though.

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you can compare cells + battery configuration here:


i’m using using spec sheet numbers


Take a look at Mooch test here:

The 30T is much better performer for maximum discharge of 35A, they keep the same temperature than the 40Ts at only 25A, so if you are going to jump into a 21700 cell instead of a 18650, you will only get 5A more on the 40T as you could discharge at 20A on the 30Q even though the latest is rated at 15A on the manufacturer datasheet.

The 40T is rated on paper at 35A but it’s only safe at 25A CDR


I understand, thank you for the additional information!

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That’s a handy tool, me thanks!