Looking a nice battery welder

Looking a nice battery welder to make my own 18650 or 26650 Battery for my E-Bike

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oh Larry…

You heard of Kweld?

please write at least 50 words on why you do not want to buy a kweld and price can not be used for reasoning.

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I want to know more about larry’s specific needs…


not going to say how the welds are burnt on the guy’s video :see_no_evil:

Kweld or Maletric spot welder all the way

plus would rather buy / recommand something NOT from China, sorry not sorry


I went with a Maletric, it took some troubleshooting to get it running although that was an issue on my part as I didn’t equip it with the correct gauge wiring and tips.

I cheaped out and used some sub-standard tips, am now using Kweld tips and I’m over the moon with it.

The below welds were done using .20 nickel, for comparison the cheap tips are in the picture too.

I also run my unit with 2, 3S LIPO’s


reasonable price, good quality, for Nickel spot weld

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