Longhidden Battery experice?

I was browsing for 128p batteries because im a nerd, and noticed Longhidden has quite the selection, including this monster 12s8p battery for only $775.

It’s quite tempting because their packs look nice, but all their pack pictures are the same thing…

Has anybody purchased from them? How was the experience?

Being a web dev I might weigh too much on parts of sites that are unfinished but curious to hear if anyone has bought from them as well. This “news”/blog part of the site should be removed though looks real bad https://www.longhidden.com/blogs/news/testing-for-ricky

The battery specs and write up look legit though so guess shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the lack of web dev work guess it saves on costs :smiley:


A 12s single flat (in a double stacked judging by the height) battery with 10s BMS…

I would stay away.


I can build packs much cheaper with the same parts

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PMed, Wouldn’t be interested for a few weeks, but im intrigued

That was another thing… All the dimensions are the same for the products… Might just be them being lazy, but could also just be they forgot because they’re not legit

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