Longest trucks in existence

What is the longest truck available to buy at the moment? I want to be as wide and stable as humanly possible while still retaining the ability to turn :slight_smile: I’ve heard from a friend that @Psychotiller might be the answer?

How do you mean?

Longest hanger?


All of the above. I want to become “takes the whole sidewalk” long :stuck_out_tongue:

You might have to wait until Fall


Luckily, they’re right in the neighborhood!

If you want Street then SurfRodz 10mm TKP/RKP.


Yeah one of the Lacroix guys was in my group ride yesterday morning. They’re working out kinks on getting those done. I have a trampa diy build presently using mini infinity street trucks with 125gummies. Everything on my board has a MTB feel to it…except for those. I want to trade em off for mountain trucks and I’ll be sticking the street trucks to another build in the future

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As much as I like the feel of wide trucks, they can get hairy when the path you’re taking narrows down to a single bicycle width.

And I’m in constant alert to watch out and not catch them on a bollard or something. That would suck.

You’re using the mini infinity trucks right?

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Yup…well i will once I receive my freaking belts XD

It doesn’t take wide trucks to make a stable board, its just easier to make a stable board with wide trucks. Look at bushing combinations, kingpin tightness, bearings, etc.

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Wow 2" bigger than my Bajaboard, that’s nuts! :slight_smile:

Freebord G3R in the sk8 truck world come in at 13.55” / 344mm if you can believe it!

Not sure if this older version @monkey32 had was as long

it’s $850 just for the trucks?


No, if you scroll down to see whats included and you will wonder why it isnt more.


Ya, it’s basically a complete drivetrain. Drop in your motors, betls, and unity and you’re good to go.

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I shied away from AT tire builds and wide ass trucks because it was getting too cumbersome. Not hating on lacroix and such but those boards are wayy to much to lug around. I’m almost regretting going 12s5p 21700’s on my haya build.

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I had no idea how much you got for the price! This makes
It so much more tempting to save up for

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