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Loaded motherboard enclosure

I’m a glutton for punishment, too stupid to learn from my own mistakes and have a strange desire for rare / weird components. Because of that, I want to make a build using the Loaded Motherboard. For some reason it struck me as an actually good choice for a deck.

Naturally, I then attempted to find enclosures that fit the motherboard. Take a wild guess how well that worked out. Eboosted apparently is willing to build enclosures for new decks if someone can ship them a deck and three people agree to buy the enclosure. That brings me here, to Best Esk8 Forum.

I’m willing to buy a board and have it shipped to eboosted, but I need two other people who would be willing to buy enclosures.

Is anyone else interested for a split enclosure for a 10s4p?

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Hmphh… I’m no help for the enclosure but do I know you from discord? :joy: Sorry for the hijack…

I saw that pic in the other thread. If you look closely, those enclosures don’t actually touch on the sides because the camber profiles are significantly different. I’m worried that forcing that enclosure to fit will damage it over the long run and lead to cracking, etc.

Nahhhh. You are overthinking it. That isn’t that much to suck down. Especially with a rubber gasket.

But the icarus enclosure looks way cooler.


You do what I did on my board, tape sandpaper to the deck and then rub the enclosure up and down on it until it fits.

Nothing worth doing is easy.

I think though that you will struggle to find an enclosure that fits this deck properly and looks nice though - probably the reason why nobody has used one


That settles it, I’ll go buy the Icarus enclosure and call it a day.


Well that was easy… you wanna buy some beach front property in mexico? Its got 10 miles of private paved road to esk8 on…

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Orders have been placed. I’ll update this thread when I have the parts.


Update: it’s just as garbage as you guys were suggesting. I switched to a vanguard. It’s close to a good board, but it’s just not there.