Loaded icarus precut, 10s3p battery, and Landyachtz tugboat precut

Hello, getting rid of two decks that have been previously electrified and a battery

First is the loaded icarus flex 2. Super flexy so hopefully you are light weight. The channel for the two enclosures are precut and with two ownboard w2 enclosures and hardware. Basically selling with deck, and enclosure ready for your next eskate project. The channel will allow you to run it as a two enclosure set up for the flex. 150usd with enclosures and hardware non shipped

Next is a Samsung 30 battery with a basic bms for charging as well. It is a battery i got from ownboard. It is used with 50 cycles on it. 10s3p 324wh still gets me at least 25km range on stock ownboard w2 set up. 150usd non shipped

Finally im selling a landyachtz tugboat deck that is predrilled to fit a mboards enclosure. I was able to fit a 10s3p battery in the enclosure as welp as esc for belt drive, using stock ownboard w2 parts. Use this enclosure and itll be a direct fit without drilling. https://www.mboards.co/collections/enclosures/products/small-battery-and-esc-enclosure

40usd non shipped

All these parts are good for project work. The pics i sent are what it looks like as is right now so you will have to use your imagination to minus out the parts im not selling. I can disassemble and take more pics if you are serious. Not selling as a set since i still want to use the ownboard belt drive and esc. The battery im selling is an extra.