LLT POWER BMS Battery Balacing Issues

I have put the new BMS on my battery, this is my first time using a Smart BMS and before starting to charge it the battery was all balanced, but now after I started charging it there are two cells that aren’t balanced,I have my battery all wrapped up and I wanted to know if there is any way to balance it all again without opening the battery

I don’t have any picture of when I started charging it, but I have a few of when I noticed it and stop charging to see if with time it balanced itself again

Tuesday 22:39h

Wednesday 07:51h

Wednesday 23:11h

Thursday 22:02h

Friday 19:06h

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0,05 Volt difference is in my opinion within the Tolerance, if it goes worse check the battery and replace them.
If it happens again check connection and reduce the Regen.

I also use that System, so im speaking from my experience.


Thaks a lot I was starting to get worried… :sweat_smile:

That doesn’t look too much out of balance.
If your cells drift more than 0.1V per p group I would start to have a closer look.
Not using the android version of this app, so maybe it just does highlight the lowest and the highest group in the pack.

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If you worried you can also set the bms on static balancing. Means after you charged the pack the bms will start to drain the higher voltage groups to the level of the lowest voltage group.

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How can I set that?

The android app is pretty shit, there are a lot of different settings to play with in the paid IOS app that aren’t available to android.

If you don’t have an IOS device, you can buy the computer connection module from LLT and change settings on your computer. But I haven’t done this so can’t comment on it aside from the possibility.

I just get my mate to come round with his iphone to change settings if necessary :rofl:

go into the settings and uncheck “Balance only when charging” and it will start balancing itself. Be warned it will take a while. probably 3 days for that much, although I wouldn’t be worried about that little difference


As @Lee_Wright said.
I wouldn’t have it switched on all the time thou.

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Did you get it from the LTT website or the playstore?

LLT website. The one from the playstore never works for me. It asks for a password. I don’t know the password cos i never set one :rofl:

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wait what the hell how did you get your individual cells on the front page lol my app version doesn’t even do that

My version is 3.1.1020
Maybe yours is a older version

I got mine from the website

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Hm mine is V3.1.1015 so it sounds like it’s a little older

What device are you working with? Mine is a Galaxy S10+ on Android 10

Mine is the S9

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