LittleWing - Light (ish) Weight MTB

This is my third complete build, and definitely my favourite so far. Built this for a mate who kept destroying CGTs by jumping them at the skate park. The brief was simple. Build a board that outperforms the Evolve and won’t break with repeated park jumping. Finished build weighed in at 14.8kg


Deck : MBS Birds 95 (chopped)
Wheels : MBS Rockstar II with 8inch MBS tires and tubes
Trucks : MBS Matrix II
Bindings : MBS F5
Mounts : IdeaTB full kit with mounts, cross bars, pulleys and idlers
Motors : Torqueboards 6380 170kv
ESCs : makerX Go-FOC SV6
Remote: Maytech waterproof dual trigger V1
Battery : 10s6p 30q brick
BMS : LLT smart BMS (charge only)
Enclosures : hand made fibreglass


@MBS : Joel is always super helpful and accommodating and can highly recommend MBS products and customer service.

@Agnes_Maytech : Agnes was one of the first vendors I reached out to on my DIY quest and she was very helpful and items were shipped super quick.

@YUTW123 (makerX) : I have used a few makerX products now and the quality seems to be good. Shipping times have been a bit hit and miss (however I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt here as my last order was in the middle of Corona pandemic), but when I reached out for customer service on this build, response was quick and helpful.

@IDEA : Tomasz is an excellent vendor! Have used his drive trains on 2 of my builds and I love the quality and aesthetic. He is super helpful and he knows his shit. Comes with my highest recommendation :ok_hand:

@torqueboards : Dexter is another great esk8 vendor. Great customer service and prompt delivery.

I wanted this build to be simple, reliable and be able to last long enough for a good hard park sesh or a decent cruise. The customer (Dylan) wanted it to work with his Evolve charger as pretty much his only prerequisite.

The build was a slow burn with parts coming in over the course of about 3 months. I started with the bit that I know best, the battery. 10s6p 30q in a brick. Nice and easy battery, and I’m really happy with it (except for the fact that I fucked up the color of the main wires :sweat_smile:)

I went with the LLT smart BMS for charge only and after a few cycles, I’m happy with it. The cells haven’t really drifted much but the BMS seems to keep them all pretty well balanced after a full charge. It has lots of settings that can be adjusted and apps for android or apple.

Next came the mounts. This was a highly anticipated delivery, in my mind @IDEA has some of the sexiest gear in the game.

Fitting the mounts was a breeze, Tom was extremely helpful during the purchasing process to make sure that the system would fit perfectly. Apparently there are at least a couple of different versions of the Matrix II truck and Tom was thorough in making sure we got what we needed.

After fitting the mounts I discovered a small problem/blessing in disguise. Under hard lean, the edges of the deck would have hit the wheel pulleys. I am not a massive fan of the snowboard-like shape of the MBS decks anyway, so this was the perfect excuse for me to satisfy my aesthetic desire.

I love this chop. It’s just enough to clear the pulleys and I think it looks the fucking tits.

Then the ESCs finally arrived!

At the time of purchase, pickings were slim for budget ESCs. After using the makerX dual v4 and being quite happy and surprised with it’s build quality and performance, I decided to go with makerX again. This time I went for two single SV6 units.

They are marketed as 100a ESCs which seemed perfect for me as I knew this build would definitely be coming in well under this limit. The build quality seems to be of a very high quality and they just feel good in your hands.

Time for enclosures. I played around with different orientations for the ESCs and decided on pulling all the leads through the bottom of the enclosures for aesthetic and water resistance.

I would pull the phase and sensor leads down and out through the center of the enclosure and the main power closer to the bindings as I want to run them through the sleeve in the MBS F5s.

The enclosures were by far the most arduous task in this whole build. I am not gonna go into the process in detail right now as I’m on my last beer and I wanna wrap this up, so here’s a bunch of photos of the process.

Enclosure Photos

The enclosures went well despite being an absolute shitload of work. I got some sweet neochrome stickers so I had to slap one on there.

Getting everything fitted was tedious but all went to plan even though it was all fucking tight.

To mount to the deck I used sex bolts with old bushings to support the ESC box and a custom poured block of polyurethane to support the battery box.

Once it was all assembled, I ran it without bindings for about 100kms to make sure everything was working as it should be. I needed to tweak the settings a few times and landed on;

Motor Max: 80
Motor Min: -70
Battery Max: 45
Battery Min: -20

Nice and torquey and chews the juice :rofl: i tried several times but could not for the life of me get the makerX SV6s to work on FOC. A little disappointing, but BLDC suits this board pretty well anyway.

And a video.


That cut is perfect man, excellent craftsmanship. Get yourself one built now and throw some bindings on it. Your doggos are loving it.


Revised deck shape looks sick.


Dude has had the board for a day and he’s loving it :rofl:


Wait, what is going on here? :flushed: :rofl:

Who is this magician or is it THE Dylan? I’m really confused and stunned…


If you check his instagram you will see why…

The lad can ride a board. Looks like hes loving the e life and its guys like him that will push the standards up!


Yes he can :laughing:

I was sure he is a MTB beginner after reading this sentence:


He had the mbs rolling for a little while before he gave it to me. He’s also had access to a trampa, not sure how often he used it tho…




It’s one way to get your building skills tested isnt it? :sweat_smile::+1:


If he can’t break it, I don’t know anyone else who could :rofl:


Boy can ride.


Something to aspire to.

Great build for a great rider :+1:


…he’s holding a wheelie…excuse me but how the fuck


Dylan does not think how… Dylan just does :ok_hand:


great write up dude. great build. great rider.

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Where did he jump off on that picture?
Looks dope!

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Pretty sure he has just come up off a ramp on the right :ok_hand:

LittleWing is dead :sob: looks like we’re gonna have to go with a trampa deck, the kid is too abusive :joy: