Lithium ion fires are real!

This happened last night at my work. Do not charge while unattended! These are Dewalt batteries that are less than a year old.


(hope everyone is okay)


Bahahaha. I was thinking the same fucking thing.

But yes, glad all is ok. WTF happened?


faulty pcb probably

@Soflo There’s about 600$ worth down the drain. Did the fire happen because of a faulty battery pack or the power station itself? It can deliver a peak of 3600w which I feel could definitely with a faulty fail safe kill a pack

You can see the battery that started it in the pic, it’s the second from top. We have 2 of these chargers, completely full of the 9ah packs. I’ll bet this will end up costing close to $60k. It caused our sprinklers to flood the entire lower level, tool room, shop, and probably 10 offices. Total mayhem. Water restoration services have 10+ people here ripping out drywall and insulation


Holy crap, that’s serious.

Take all your old insured electronics and randomly scatter them in the water debris. Or dont… or do, know what I’m sayin’ :wink:


I was thinking, shouldn’t it be called wetwall by now :joy:
Sorry mate, couldn’t resist.


That sucks that’s alot of work. Had to replace dry wall in a few rooms in my home because roofers didnt cover my roof properly when they were doing our roof and water got in when it rained hard and that was alot of work I cant imagine a whole building floor.

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Or go find a dead pet somewhere and burn the hair a bit. Pose it well and act distraut. Good payday.

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Now my lil car fire doesn’t seem so bad. I got my car new seats, new rear dash, reupholstered and detailed for $450.


@Bobby ust remember that you didn’t come close to burning down the house :joy: and now, he can also feel better that hes no longer the worst of us…