List of gear drives

Very soon we will release a geardrive system with both channel and rkp truck for same geardrive that has alot of gearing ratios ( all on same geardrive) and works with most AT rims and kegel and abec street wheels :+1: also for a not to expensive price


Coming from BB I’m taking this with a grain of salt.

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270 USD 2wd geardrive kit (with AT adapter), 4wd 450 USD, rkp 300mm hanger 2pc 220 USD, at rims 299 USD, kegel adapter 40 USD etc (estimated prices)


Converted to Euro, including 19% VAT.

Yes for EU vat is always added. Outside EU we dont add any vat.

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Added a placeholder for bioboards.

Thanks @Archer for adding your GDs to the list.

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Doesn’t BioBoards just use 3DS GDs?

What is the axle diameter?

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Has to be 10mm

No they no longer do

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Yes hanger shaft is 10mm but that does not limit any wheels, just have to use correct bearings for 10mm

what’s the maximum gearing reduction going to be? I’m looking for geardrives that have greater than 1:2.78 reduction while still having clearance with 100mm wheels.

thanks @Common_good for getting kaly entry in there.

EU is terribly expensive for this hobby with that VAT

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Here it is Bioboards Helical Steel Geardrive System – Bioboards Eskate

I made a new post with more info. Hopefully gets approved by admins soon.

How big is the case? Smallest wheel size?

110mm is fine, 105 is possible but will be close. here you go

There are no e-toxx drives on the list


Haggyboards. Discontinued yes but still have a place in eskate lore.