Lipo chargers choices?

I figured since a lot of us use lipo’s, you guys could help me find a good one. I have a skyrc imax b6 and it seems ok, what are you guys using to charge your lipos?

Imax b6AC here, but buy the original from skyrc, I realized the fake one I bought was not balancing my cells properly

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I have a cheap IMAX charger from SKYrc, works well enough and simple to use. Mine can only do up to 2.2 amps though instead of the rated 6 because the power supply cord I got only goes up to 2.2amps. It’s dreadfully slow, I need to get a better power supply for more amps.

It get’s really hot. I added like 5 adhesive heatsinks to help lol.

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Should I change to turnigy reactor, @Boardnamics has one and it seems like a decent charger. My other question is what power supply are you guys using, can I just use a laptop charger?

I’m using iMaxB6AC original, all good for me.

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I have an “imex” from my local hobby store that I got many years ago for RC’s. And then a Thunder Ace I got with an RC car I recently bought. Neither of them can go above 2.7 amps for a 5S lipo on AC. I’ve been looking at getting a power supply for them so they can charge at 5 amps each.

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Bump? I want to know what everyone else uses. The imax is ok IMO

Got this one, very happy with it…

It can only 2.2A because it’s not rated for 6A at 6S.
It’s rated to 50W. 6s is 22,2V which means 50W/22,2V= 2.25A charge current.


I charge mine up with a 12s 8A Charger and Monitor the individual cell voltage via voltage display attached to the balance wires. I charge the packs up till 4.1V and than hang them on the two imax b6 to balance them out. It’s not the most comfortable option and you need to monitor the packs while charging, but works for me. I as well have a smart bms I can just connect to the packs, but balancing takes ages with that one.


When i use lipos, i hook them up to a balance only bms and then buy the correct charger, for my super budget build its a 8s bms and charger. It has worked fine for years now.

The ones with built in AC are usually limited to 50w. A big step up in quality and features from skyrc imax and clones (aka 4 button chargers) is brand name stuff like iCharger and Powerlab. You can use used server PSUs to feed them.

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I got an HRC Racing 6S RC Charger with 7 Amps and a U610B 200W Charger from Turnigy for mobile use

I have and use a icharger 3010b+ for all my batteries LiPos, LiIon and sometimes genrall Pb accid, I don’t use a bms most often for my projects (often some kind of cell monitor, tho sometimes a PCM).
I like the big control and adjustable fast charging to a lower than top voltage (for better cell life and brake safety).
I can for example charge my 10S8P 30q battery with 12A (standart charge) and also charged it twice already at 28A for fast charging (that is 3.5A per cell) to 41V.

I would recomand the icharger 1010b+ ) because it’s cheaper and sits in a better spot power wise in my opinion.

Direct 10s series charging is also quite convinient (I use basicly only 10s packs).

I used to have fake imax b6ac for 7 years. These clones are hit or miss, some are good, some are not. They can be calibrated.

Nowadays I have switched to ISDT Q6 Pro.

Hitec X4 Pro here
4 port. Bluetooth. Plenty for me

my trusty hard wired bestech HCX-D223V1. i love that thing

I’ve been using the UltraPower UP-120AC 240W Dual Balance Charger. About $120 on Amazon. Will charge 1s-6s and is pretty versatile. The first one I had blew something after about 1.5 years of use so I was outside of the warranty period. The new one has been going strong for about 9 months now.

I use that one ^^ for now(have had it for three years for quad batteries) but just need to make an adapter for my isdt q6. It is a pretty smart charger and with its 160w power supply I can go up to “14amps”

My real question is what kind of bms would I need to be able to charge 4- 6200/6s packs while they stay inside of the “trampa monster battery box”? The packs are wired in series, 2 together for one esc and 2 for the other. Opening the box every time is a pain in the ass haha

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I use a 500W one from keenstone called the AR1 and have a keenstone copy of the imax b6 (does 80W). I disconnect my two 5S to charge separately typically (parallel charging is an option but usually not worth extra complexity for times I’m charging esk8 batteries use those more for the pile of quad batteries.

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