Lipo battery for kweld

Can anyone tell me what battery would work for my kweld from this Canadian hobby shop. Hobbyking rinsed me with import+shipping for a single battery, i got a Turnigy Graphene Panther 5000mAh 3S 75C

the turnigy dies pretty quick and was wondering what the cheapest battery i can buy as a secondary to use.

I asked kweld and they said they couldn’t access the page since you need a VPN.

I run my kweld off of 2x turnigy heavy duty 3s 4000mah lipos
works great, lasts a long time

I don’t have a kweld but I’m using

2 of these in parallel on a Maletrics

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Zeee Premium Series 3S Lipo Battery 15000mAh 11.1V 100C Soft Case RC Battery EC5 Connector with Metal Plates for RC Car Truck Tank Racing Hobby Models

$70 USD. It’s pretty good. I have 9 total, 8 for skate and 1 for kweld.

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15ah, 3s, same brand, $30 cheaper. As150 swap

CAD$100 is not $30 more than $70USD

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Sorry mate. Didn’t know. The only exchange rate I watch is USD to £ and €. Lol bitcoin.