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Lila's Board - Dropcat 33/12S4P 30Q/2xMaytech6355/Stormcore/Boardnamic bits

I am converting this board for my daughter. She loves the shape of the dropcat. Since this board is very concave I figured I’d better do a custom enclosure. The pic is just a pre glue mock up of the plug for the mold. Obviously I will use more clamps when I glue it up.

I am using the wheels (85mm Cags) and trucks (Calibre II with a BN hangar at the back) that were already on the board.

One of the main goals is to give this board the same range as the board I am building for myself (a clone of eboosteds awesome eBomber).

The battery could also be 12S3P with 40T but I decided to go 12S4P 30Q for clearance under the board.

I will probably add a layer or two near the drive wheels to make the enclosure a little fatter to fit the ESC and BMS.

Most of the parts are in the air and the battery will be built locally. Updates soon! :slight_smile:


I have never tried that board but from videos I’ve seen of people riding it I bet Caguamas really are the perfect wheels for it. :slight_smile: 12s3p 30Q should be plenty of range! Lightweight people get so much more range out of their packs it’s not even funny :laughing:


enclosure material?

Cool! Will be following along. In the process of building a new board for my 9yo daughter as well. Her skills outgrew the boosted v2 dual that she was riding pretty quick and she wanted pneumatics.

And her name is Delilah cray




Glued up for real :slight_smile:


If you want to do a second one of these enclosure’s, I’ve been considering a dropcat 33 build for a while. The small-ish size would make a great commuter and I dont need much range for the daily ride.

*edit: I’m also building an ebomber clone. Are you me???


Lemme get the first one done and make sure it works but I’d be happy to lay up another one once I have it finalized.

What sort of esc are you planning? I am considering adding a bit of thickness (another 1/4") at the drive end for a little more space. Shouldn’t affect clearance at all.


I’d use some elofty DD which are dkp with 110TB wheels so clearance should be passable even mounted drop through. For esc, Maker X tech 4.2 dual. Drives would be just about maxed out at the amps it’s comfortable at and I don’t need any crazy power to daily on, just decent reliability

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Unclamped. Held the shape perfectly. Knocked off a few high spots with 80 grit and used a little woodfiller as a fairing compound. Hopefully finish sand and seal today.

The interior depth is 27mm so plenty deep enough for the Maker X and should be enough for my stormcore. I am going to skip the ‘hump’ for now. I don’t think I need it.


Added a baseplate.


Finish sanded with 220 grit and wiped down with Acetone. Ready for sealer.

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Three coats of pattern sealer. 220 and 320 between coats.

Needs to cure overnight then wax time!

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10 coats of wax. Probably overkill but I really don’t want this fucker to stick.


Is there any draft on the edges, or are they vertical… :grimacing:


A small amount just to make release easier.

It’s hard to see from the pic but each layer is the same so when they got bent over the deck shape it created a small angle which I increased a bit with some sanding.

Nice work! Have you done much fibreglass stuff before? Like @rosco said, bit more draft and some heavier rounds on the corners would probably make it easier, but hopefully its not an issue. Keen to see how it turns out!

This is my first shot at fibreglass. Worst case scenario I can add draft and rounding and seal it again. I shot three coats of PVA but I am not totally thrilled with the way it came out.

I am going to lay up the mold soon and see how it comes out.

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PVA sucks. Lots of wax is good enough in my experience

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followed this dudes speel on PVA Spray application, and it turned out pretty well when I gave it a go a while back. Might be worth a try

Dilute, super high airflow, minimal spray mist, thin coat

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