Lightweight School Skateboard


I want to build a light electric skateboard with dual hub motors, and about 8 miles of range for school. Who are some reputable sellers of parts? If someone could maybe sell me a kit that would be even better. I have had trouble finding part sellers that don’t have bad reviews. Thanks!

What’s your budget like for reference? There’s basically only one set of hubs we like around here and they’re expensive and faaaassst.


Get a prebuild like Meepo mini, Wowgo mini, Ownboard mini, it’s ~400$. 25 mph all have range more than 8 miles.


My budget is about $400

Yep go with a prebuilt


I do have a Meepo Mini 2, but it is completely overkill for what I want to use it for, it is simply too heavy, I have thought about getting a smaller battery and a lighter deck, but I don’t know what batteries will work with the ESC.

Is it the meepo ESC?

For a budget of $400 you may as well buy a pre-built like @chaki recommended. To build a decent diy you need a minimum of a 600-700 dollar budget to make a good reliable board.

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It is the Hobbywing 12A ESC

Something like this then? Lightweigt cheep and prebuild.
Maybe not if u are 50kg+

The batteries that come in that skateboard are terrible and will fail Within the first few rides.(I’m actually doing a battery upgrade for one now)

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Damn i must have ben lucky i bought one for my sis kid 8yr and this is the second summer hi ride’s it. and he is not kind to it. but stil running. but he is no more then 30 kg.

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For someone light it’s fine as your not pulling too many amps but with someone heavier you will pull too many amps and damage the battery.

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@YoddlingTaco How light do you want it to be ? And why going dual ? Single is ligther and need a bit less battery for the same range (thus maybe you can save some grams here too). Short deck for sure.

I bought an elwing board, the Nimbus, for the same reason as you and so far I’m very happy with it. It is a 4.9 kg single hub motor esk8 with a 10S1P battery. No VESC. It is way less powerful than my DIY builds but so easier to take in the train/metro to go to work. And the deck is beautiful too. Hope it will give you ideas to find a lightweight board :wink:

What @mmaner said


I was hoping for dual motor, but after deconstructing my own build I found the motors are the heaviest part! Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into elwing!

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What about a used Boosted mini. I got my mini S for $450. Only issue is the range is a little low with the SR battery. Nice board for the money though. It’s just nice having belts on a shortboard due to the impact absorption compared to hub motor. A mini with some cagauma’s handles bad roads pretty well considering the rigid deck, and definitely would ride way better than any hub motor shortboard.

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