Lightest builds

Hey everyone. Happy Monday!

Looking to make a little commuter board and I was curious what the lightest dual motor build you guys have seen is- I’ll prob only put a 12s1p or 2p or moli 42’s in there and I want it to be small and portable.

Anyone have a good deck and enclosure for a smaller build setup? Currently thinking about a landyachtz dinghy paired w a DIYE mini enclosure off of Amazon and piecing together other goods. Open to ideas or guidance. Cheers everyone.


These things just break. Unless you’re gonna cover it in fiberglass I’d advise against this


the tayto is a nice small build. if you’re wanting a lightweight dual drive you probably want hub motors.
batteries will be the biggest weight

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Loaded omakase and bigben enclosure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The Landyachtz Dinghy is too small of a board imo for dual drive. +1 for getting a Loaded Omakase. I have a coyote (similar size) and it feels nice and safe up to 40km/h :slight_smile:
More than that not really :grimacing:

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For a lightweight build, you can save a lot of weight by going with a single drive. A single 6374 or larger with a VESC 6 or equiv can climb pretty much any hill and still do 30mph+

For a single drive on urethanes, figure about 20wh/mi easy riding, 30wh/mi hard riding for range, 50-60A max battery amps (peak), and then size the pack based on how far you want to go. 12s2p P42A = 11-20 mile range.

This is another option for an enclosure


I don’t understand why people keep recommending belt drive setups for a lightweight build.

Motor mounts and adding motors+wheels separately is the second biggest weight gainer of an esk8. The biggest being the battery.

You want light? Get hubs.

This can be an insanely light set up, but a single drive can have more cons than pro’s, especially in the emergency braking area.


Single Hub
Maytech hub motor MTO9055HBM = 950g
Maytech wheel = 200g
Total = 1,150g

Single motor & belt
Maytech 6374 = 668g
Boardnamics mount = 170g
Loaded Caguama = 270g
Steel motor pulley = 60g
Aluminum wheel pulley = 100g
Belt = 18g
Total = 1,286g

136g heavier for a belt drive (1/4 of a pound)

Motor & belt = swap a pulley to change from hill climbing monster to high speed cruiser. More wheel selections. More motor selections. Better performance.


Mmmm no
Hubs feel like shit and aren’t comfortable to ride on. Also dual hubs defo weigh as much as a single belt drive.


136g counts when you’re going for lightweight. that’s 13.6% of a kilogram.

it all depends on if OP wants a purpose-built light board, or a practical esk8 that happens to be more light.

What about the mini dinghy?

Looks like a freaking RC car :joy:


but for that weight, you get a dual drive. safer brakes

Hub motor brakes in my experience are worse than a good single drive setup.


I’ve been thinking recently that an esk8 is just an overpowered RC car with no steering and sloppy axles.

Then drop to a 6355. Now it’s 10g lighter than a single hub.


Hahahah- I HAVE the mini dinghy and considered it initially w similar kind of wheels,

Going to probably try the 120mm clouds on it as to give it some ability to take little cracks etc

What enclosure did you use on the mini dinghy?

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That photo was just a joke haha. I got my entb drive train and that landyachtz mini dinghy deck on Christmas so I slapped them together.

That being said I freaking love that little deck. My son pushes it to the bus stop every morning and I rip around on it for another 10 minutes after he leaves. I’ve considered throwing hubs in it with a tiny 10s2p but the configuration is what throws me. Need to make it fit without sitting too low. When that is sorted, I’ll make a 3d printed enclosure and wrap it in a fabric with epoxy.

I don’t see why you would quible over a couple ounces here or there for a commuter board. I’m planning a fairly light commuter, but I’m more going for durability over pure lightness. Haven’t 100% figured out the pack yet, but I’m thinking 10s2p 18650s, single 6368, Kegel wheels, and the verreal F1 enclosure. Idk how much the metal enclosure adds, but to me it’s worth the added durability. We’ll see how it works out, but I think single belt drive should be pretty ideal for a commuter. My commute is pretty flat though so that may be why I think that. Definitely would not go for hubs just because of the lack of options for changing wheels and things. I’m kind of new to eskate so I may be wrong, but wouldn’t you potentially be very limited by the pack with a 12s1p pack and dual motors. My plan was ~60 amp pack, 75 amp VESC, and single medium motor.

What about a mini popsicle deck mountain board? If your commute is off road, and you live in toebite city. :rofl: