LI NY Prototipo

Proto in decent shape. Blue painted rockstar 2s, lil chipping. Blue tape stuff on motor mounts is peeling too. Comes with extra painted rim and extra tires. 10s6p battery pack still charges like 95 percent. Has tomboii ratchety toe claps installed. And 20t motor gears. Minor scuffs n scratches on enclosure but nothing serious. Quick sale looking for 1300. Hmu w offers tho fo sho?

Located in long island or shipping might be able to split wit ya?


How is this thing so clean?? Enclosure is so… not scratched lol. My shit gets fucked up immediately smh.


I consider this one of the original legenadary’s. Akin to my first holographic charizard. I dont beat on it like some of the other shit ive hacked together lol. But yeah idk :man_shrugging: but thanks? :man_shrugging: lastly, obligatory GLWS


Price drop 1,200.000⁰⁰

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@nsteph is this still available?

In comms with a few interested parties but nothing concrete atm

I’ll let this go un purchased until the 1st.

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This transaction is complete. Thank you very much. Feedback matters ebay style. I wish I would have bought with friends and family option.:+1:

@xsynatic and @mods please put this horse down.