Leather MC suit for shipping cost USA,SF BAY AREA California

Lets up some ones power ranger points !
Joe Rocket Perforated leather suit, no pads. All zippers work fine, no holes,( bonus funky smells no charge.,im nose blind i,m sure your in for a treat,no smoking tobacco). They are perforated ,so think leather screen door. Size is US 46, you want the suit looser than the fit for motorcycle racing or track days.

I would wear a 42 or a 44 on a motorcycle. Im 6’ 1.5",195 lbs. Slim muscular build Size 32 waiste 44 shoulders (stop asking me for only fans !). The 46 suit would accomidate a waiste size 36 to 38, I wear a Leatt armored shirt and pants,pluss a fox Titan back protector, AND an additional set of level 2 hip pads(I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE!!!) SO there is plenty of room. I wear these up to 95 degrees, as long as you are moving you are fine, but stopped the suit is no better than non perforated.

You can pick them up from Orinda or ill shipp them for what ever the shipping cost