Lazyrolling Jackets and hoodie New/Neptune Lite---Free shipping lower 48

Hey guys and gals I’ve got just a large jacket left.

All are new and just tried on. I think I wore the hoodie twice around the house. Smoke free house and they were all washed before I tried them on. They also come with all the armor preinstalled.

Why am I selling? nothing fit me. I’m 170lb and 6’. I have wide shoulders and long arms so the medium jackets were perfect around the torso but came up short in the arms. The extra large was supposed to large.

All that’s left is the jacket extra large

Retail with pads $250. $175

I’m located in Hudson NC
free shipping to lower 48


Also with a missing location :slight_smile:

Edit : fixed


Neptune lite 12s or 15s, only monitors your batteries, doesn’t balance. $50


You still have this BMS?

Ill take it if so assuming it’s all in good working order and what not… LMK. Thanks!

I still have everything

Which one do you like?

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I’ll take the 12s if @jansen is taking the 10s

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I need the 12s… :slight_smile:

Hey guys im taking the 12s off the sell thread, I ended up keeping it. sorry for any troubles.
The 10s was sold and shipped.


dam, what a bummer., OK though

What does that Neptune light do exactly? Does it have some sort of bluetooth connectivity?

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That’s correct, there’s an app you can download that allows you to see battery data.
Not really sure what data as I have never looked into it.
I purchased this from everyone’s favorite vender Hyperion systems and they had told me it was a true bms and that ended up not being true.

PM sent

Updated list, just two things left

You should change the title then, it’s misleading now :wink:

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I didn’t know I could do that

thanks man

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i have difficulty counting wires in pictures

is that “pack converter” for a battery pack with fewer than 15 cells?

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It’s a 12s converter
The unit can monitor up to 15s

prices lowered and more stuffs added

What level pads are in the hoodie?