LAVAGIRL - tomiboi MTB | ubox v1 | 12s8p p42a | Luna 350s | Reacher 6485s

Length/thread size is what I’m looking for I suppose. Loaned out my Dremel so I can’t get the snapped axle off quite yet and see for myself.

I’m fine with switching to 12mm if I knew it would work


@rusins you know?

I didn’t measure + I don’t know how to determine the inner thread type, sorry. Better call Moon


Moon got back to me, apparently the axles are custom but the threads are m10.

He’s working to get a family member to ship some stuff for me so I can get riding again. Great service from @moon thus far, really appreciate the dedication getting me taken care of while he’s out of country. Looking like I may be back on the road sooner than expected.

Still need to determine the cause of my crash though. Not having the stuff to fix anything makes it hard to want to open things up. One of my motors is making a weird whining sound at low RPMs, so I suppose I’ll check phase wires first once the enclosure is off…


Wow, it took way longer than expected to get this board running again, but I can finally see the light.

Thanks to @Andy87 I’ve got a new set of Lunas on the way, and I should have my motors back from @Skyart soon with fresh bearings… things are looking up!

& Thank you to @Egtscs for letting me borrow his Eovan GTS Carbon Super with @Savage1 trucks so that I could get my riding fix in during the wait… it was cool getting to try those legendary trucks, they really do live up to the hype.

My board has been out of commission for so long that I’m nearly finished with my Vanguard build - just need the battery and drivetrain. Super excited to have another flexy thane carver, and maybe more importantly - I cannot wait to have 2 working boards.


Need to adjust the angle a bit lower, but these @ShutterShock lights are so sweet.


Coming very soon to the public. Thanks for being a tester!


Yeah I might need to snag a pair myself, those look hella bright.


I’ve got your mounts almost ready, working out some kinks


Sweeet :fire: let me know if you want me to print up a set for a test fit or something.

Yah will do - testing out a clamping version since both Haven and you don’t have a screw mounting point


Those lights look sweet. Great to hear this board is coming back to life soon


I just need to get my printer in working order SMH. I’ll probably have my friend print it up since his is running right now. :fire:

Officially back in action! Had the SNR anniversary ride last night and it was basically flawless, board feels perfect. So glad to have this running again…

Some upgrades were had during the hiatus:

@Skyart Reacher 6485s, 205kv
@DerelictRobot gotchiPro
@ShutterShock BIG BEEM headlights
@ShutterShock C8 brake lights
@surfnacho InfinitySink

I was having issues thermal throttling my VESC in near-freezing winter temps, so hopefully between the motor upgrade and the heatsink those issues will be a thing of the past.

Side note: yesterday it seemed like my Reachers heated up pretty quick. I just got my logger working today so I’m not sure what the temps peaked at, but the motors were pretty hot after only a couple high speed miles. Anyone else have this experience?


My SKP spec Reacher 7490s are also running quite hot, I’m not sure why.

They haven’t triggered thermal throttling yet, but it is concerning, as I wasn’t riding particularly hard at all.

Anyone else experiencing hot Reacher and/or SKP motors?

Edit: should be noted that mine are 138kv - so looks like both ends of the spectrum are facing the same issue.

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Might be because Reacher uses 2.5mm rotor laminations whereas flipsky and freerchobby use <1mm laminations?…

(Flipsky uses 0.75mm laminations and Freerchobby uses 0.2mm per their respective websites)

Motor experts, please chime in


Make sure to set your Motor thermistor beta value to 3950

Reacher motors use .2mm laminated steel in the stator core as does flipsky and most other esk8 motors


Depending on the speed you are geared for you may experiance heating, especially using a more powerful motor like the 205kv. You need to keep that motor spinning to it can suck in air

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Does this affect the actual temperature of the motor or just what’s displayed for telemetry?

The reading you are getting is incorrect with the wromg beta value