Largest caliber hanger?

could someone please tell me the largest caliber hanger im sure ive seen a 200mm pluss one somewhere just cant remember where




thats the one
TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks

thanks very muck

Keep in mind the tb218 has a slightly different profile to the caliber.

thanks very much

I’m going to press Psychotiller to make 221’s :wink::call_me_hand:


How about some 111mm wheels as well


I am actually working on reinforced hangers based on caliber style hangers with a width of 240mm, they will also have exchangeable axles.


I think they are the same profile as caliber hangers. Not 100 percent though.

I think one with a fixed axle would be cool but with a step down from 10mm to 8mm. 10mm for bearing pulleys. 8mm for wheels.
Then maybe have a fixed welded on bracket for motor plates. Would eliminate clamp failure due to user error

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Lacroix hypertrucks :joy: 482.6mm (19inches)


I have now some testhangers going in the CNC machine, will report on them as soon as my CNC guy is back from his holiday.

The axles i am still working out if i want to go with a stepdown as you suggest or with changeable axles.

The issue with fixed mounts is the limitation for customers, some want them inward others want them outward.

On the otherhand i am also designing a new hanger with own mounts design which i will (hopefully) soon finish.

Material used is T6 7075


I was thinking only the bracket that the motor plates Mount to would be fixed that way you would still have the option of putting a plates forward or backward kind of how evolves double Kingpin Mounts work

ah ok now i see what you meant, that is actually not a bad idea. I will open up my 3D program tomorow and look at it.

LoLz they’re already working on those but if they have the same large core than the polyurethane still won’t be as deep as a 110mm wheel with a small core.

Yeah but it’s abec urethane. And i think i heard its a slightly different formula. Thicker dosen’t always mean better.
If i can get better rebound with less weight… :kissing_heart:

I don’t know about you but I had a blast on speedvents today…

But i don’t have north Korean roads


I wanna try some on one of my smaller kicktail decks.
Would be nice to get my 7s3p builds weight down as much as possible.