Lap time recording solutions?

I’m interested in solutions that could record / display lap times for esk8 short course races.
something like the experience you get at go kart races. though the display doesn’t have to be that epic. could even just be on a phone.

from what I’ve found so far, I think maybe drone racing might have the closest type stuff,

Know any favorite solutions? or what’s the field of possible solutions look like?

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@pjotr47 might have some suggestions


It doesn’t get much easier and cheaper than that


If you are only one on the track the app “lap tracker” is a cheap and reliable solution. More people on the track and gets gets complicated.


The setup we have cost +2k euro :sweat_smile:

Check our website if you want to see how the last time trials have gone.

I think you can test Webscorer free for 10 persons. But you need to tap each time the person pass the finish line.

Some of the Karting tracks have a built in loop with timing systems. hopefully this covid shit ends and we can get another race booked.
I have a contact at the Fontana speedway but their office is closed through the end of the year. so hopefully next year!. I even have someone that will livestream out events if we are interested.

some tracks rent transponders and some track require you to bring your own.
here is a popular type of transponder on the market… this is a subscription based service that will track multiple users on the track. It probably wont be a solution to your short track racing though because the loop has to be buried. unless you found a way to cover the loop wire and not break it when rolling over it.

MYLAPS TR2 Transponder - Kart


The most use indeed mylaps. Problem is that mylaps is running from a server at each karting track and most off the time they are not willing to changes this to it because it can bring trouble when they want to start using their karts again.

definitely want a solution for more than one person.

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I can vouch for the i-lap system, inexpensive and surprisingly reliable even with tiny drones zipping by at odd angles.

The metr already has server repository of records. As long as keep phone on you, and gps is good, you almost have all you need to records laps for multiple folks.

You could have a stationary metr connected to gps that marks the start/finish. Geofence the racers to trigger a record start and stop when a certain distance threshold to the stationary beacon is met.

This idea sounds worse and worse as I write it. But if @rpasichnyk or @WavRX wanted an new headache, I’m here to help. :wink:



I was thinking of ordering one of these soon and some of the trackers so people could just Velcro them onto their boards for the day

well you’re thinking about it for the same reason as me.:smiley:

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If this works as they promise on their site. It would be a pretty good and sort of cheap solution. Someone needs to test it and let the rest of us know :slightly_smiling_face:

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well I’m very close to being lazy enough to just pull the trigger following @DEEIF’s investigation.


Looks like I’ll be ordering it in the next couple months then :joy:

I think all these rc trackers get power from the rc vehicle. Might have to make battery packs for it.


:man_shrugging: Lipo’s are cheap, well small ones are


laptimer and a bunch of the other RC solutions i was looking at seem to use IR transponders.

I messaged them asking if they have any trouble in the sunlight. and if they positioning / angle constraints for the receiver to be picked up.