Lacroix Supersport Bluetooth/BLE Help (VESC Tool)

I have a Lacroix Supersport (18s) that I acquired from a friend who passed. I am not able to get the stormcore app or VESC app to find the stormcore over bluetooth. I have the board open now and can connect to VESC Tool via USB-C. I’ve since updated firmware, ran new motor detection and dialed in my settings - but I can’t figure out how/where to enable bluetooth/BLE. I only have a passing familiarity with the workings of this tool. Any help appreciated.


What are you using to try and connect to the vesc?

I’ve got an iPhone running the stormcore app and vesc tool app. I have another supersport I can connect to without a problem via bluetooth.

On the desktop, I’ve got the VESC Tool for Windows - no issues connecting over hard line.


I believe some of the latest SC’s are known to have faulty BT. Best to invest in a metr/robogotchi

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That’s my fear that the BT is gone. This particular SS has a date stamp of 2021/7/25

I just not sure if I’m overlooking some setting in the VESC app configuration that would disable/enable BLE on the stormcore.

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Its unfortunate, lack of BT is quite inconvenient. Could contact CS and see if they have a fix for it, otherwise an external module will sort ya and gain some logging features.

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Make sure the app setting is on ppm AND uart

I don’t believe there is. Think you need to special FW flash to shut off and not sure its reversible.

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confirmed it is. Thank you.

Its reversible. It’s a terminal command to erase and then load. You just need to select the nrf firmware to flash back.

If you do the erase command and it fails it’s more than likely the BY module is dead/missing.

The most convenient fix is just getting a 3rd party. Warranty fix is you’ll probabaly have to yank the stormcore out and send it back. But not sure how they are with warranty after original owners and if you don’t have a invoice number to reference.


@jaykup may be able to do stuff and things :man_shrugging:


This is true

Is there a green light turn on next to the bluetooth module?

Can you connect to the nrf module in the vesc app?

When connected to USB, go to the SWD programmer tab and click connect or connect NRF5X, and see if either of those connect. You might just be able to flash the Stormcore NRF firmware and it will work.

If it doesn’t connect to anything then the bluetooth module is probably dead. I’ve replaced a few but they do require specialized tools.


Could not connect to target.