Lacroix supersport and prototipo

Subject: [US] lacroix supersport and prototipo

lacroix nazare supersport
Description: super clean low mileage super sport. 18s4p molicel p42a battery. Midnight black Hoyt puck. Fast charger. Have some spare bushings for the hyper trucks.
Price (USD): $3000

lacroix prototipo dss50+
Description: lacroix prototipo deck and enclosure. Original focbox Unity and lacroix heat sink. Battery upgraded to a 12s8p lg hg2 pack. Board absolutely hauls. Pack can put out 160 amps continuous. Remote is a Flipsky vx1.

Info on the battery
Nickel from duck battery systems
128 spot welds per p group
Each p group wrapped in fish tape, then fiber tape, then heat shrinked.
Cell specs are 3000mah capacity with 20amp continuous discharge.

Price (USD): SOLD


The prototipo is so nice, I wish I had the money :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Finance it with a chase freedom card. 0% interest for 15 months.

You caught me just as I finally gave into to a burning desire buy a proto and narzare. Don’t worry someone else has the itch too.

How much for the tippy toes? Asking for a friend. :joy:

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tippy toes?

I’m curious about the tippy toes as well


You appear to be on tippy toes when taking photos of protos, I suppose.

I’ll let myself out, taking a skate to derail jail, but those are some pretty boards! :+1:


Updated pics with motor connector.

Prototipo is SOLD

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Bump for the supersport

Would you ever consider sending the supersport to paris? I’m 20th in line for a barrel supersport would be cool to have a nazaré instead

ya i could do that. i literally just dropped my french gf off at the airport to head back there. could have given her the board to take with! haha. dm to work out details

Darn that would of been perfect!