Lacroix Malfunction Help

Since the company has dodged and dogged me more than once and Ive had the worst experiences with them, I figured id ask my question here. Is there a big difference between the stormcore 60D and the 60D+?. I cant seem to find much on what changed from iteration to iteration but Its something Id love to know since it might sway my view on the company. It would also be of great help to know what year these iterations were produced from. Really appreciate it!

60D+ can run at a higher wattage and stay cooler than the 60D.

It is also less likely to get stuck in a half-on half-off state when you update it to 5.3

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60d+ has a few upgrades to thermal handling, supposedly has better HFI support, and opens up a second uart port when using FW 5.3 (5.2 still disables that port)

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Ok thanks boys. So it seems of noticeable difference and completly proves a deceitful and spiteful company that I wish to tell all you to becareful of. I heard great things but damn was I used and manipulated lol. Its kind of funny looking at the story as a whole and how I didnt see the markers but I guess the best I can do at this point (after spending 400$ on a NEW 60D+ and warranty) and getting shafted, is to let you all know just be wary of any company. If this is ekstates best, I couldnt imaging the opposite end of the spectrum when making purchases.

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They’re generally on the positive end of reviews so I’m curious to hear how poorly your story went.

Forewarning, this thread may likely become a dumpster fire of opinions after everyone throws in their $0.02…

So grab popcorn when you’re finished :popcorn:


Some of the latest batch of 60d+ are labeled 60d I heard. Whatver it shows in vesc tool is what it is.

Also note 60d+ has the extra functional
Uart when your on 5.3


I’m interested to hear about all this in more detail. You planning to do a write up?

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It all started with email contact. I like to speak personally with a representative about location and shipping times when spending good money. Especially if something is out of country like Lacroix. I heard great things so instead of buying a stormore through say MBoards or something more local, I figured id get the warranty and unit from the makers themselves!, makes sense. I asked Lacroix if I was to make a soon to be purchase how did shipping times look? And they proceeded to tell me if I purchased that It was likley to hit the ups truck before days end. So I was sold. I figured the answers I was seeking were solidified through the personal correspondence. After the purchase a week went by without any email confirmation so I shot them an email with my # and identity. They apparently lost or couldn’t locate the order, stuff happens, then they proceeded to tell me new orders take 3-6 weeks which totally threw me off. Long story short, I went to my bank and my bank gave me a timeframe of when they could take action. I then gave Lacroix this information and didnt hear back from them until acouple days before the bank was gonna step in. Clever. Lacroix wanted to personally verify with me that If they shipped “today” that would be cool? Cause they obviously new my bank could step in any day and dispute the charge, so they wanted to make sure id call it off after they were to send it out. Low and behold it shipped without actually shipping for a few days and when received, it was a 60D with some blemishes and not a 60D+ that I ordered. So all in all this took around 2 1/2 weeks, I potentially got a used unit on a 50 dollar new product warranty, over 400+ spent and just a bunch lies I had to deal with. I wish they would of just stepped back and told me the truth. I wanted to buy more things from them and now im skeptical on theyre integrity and efficiency of the business.

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Did you actually plug it in to verify it was a 60d or a + unit?

Edit are you in the states or somewhere else?

I have all this on record too. Via email and stuff. I honestly wasnt gonna make a big deal about it because they shipped it finally. After seeing the unit and now thinking they had to pull it out of somebody’s board on top of it being a bit blemished and a 60D when what I purchased was a 60D+ is just uncalled for and feel like i got taken advantage of. I deal with consumers everyday in my business and if I did this to one client, it would be the end of me, so maybe I expect it back and some just arent up for the challenge of corporate integrity.

Did you ask them if you could return it?

I think we’re ahead of them responding back to OP issue since he just got the 60d

@Flashgod224 maybe can chime in if he sees this

I remember someone else saying they don’t take returns. I personally never shop anywhere that doesn’t accept Paypal.


Mine was from mboards and labelled 60d when supposed to be a 60d+ but vesc tool confirmed it was the + model so there were some mislabelled ones out there. Definitely worth plugging it in to check

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Came here to say this, if your feeling frisky you can also remove the plastic from the heatsink to show the PCB where it will say 60D or 60D+ on it for further confirmation.

Operationally I think 50% of riders wouldn’t notice a difference, but those who play around these corners of the internet will.


In the time between June and July we were in the middle of a shop move to a new HQ, of course that would introduce the fact that we ship slower, have to unpack and get ourselves operational for a while. We shipped what we can when we can with the hours we have in a day while getting things rolling. Delays with shipments, new shop address and our orders racking up… It’s definitely no excuse, but we need to go through them so we can get somewhere.

UPS and couriers alike are people, usually we have regulars who run the routes and collect packages. I do my rounds if UPS misses more days than usual only to note that our driver was away due to injuries. Something that wasn’t forwarded to us in advanced at all. You can imagine the storm of emails we have to blow through in order to even get back to normal shipping. I care for our clients, being online frequently is what I aim to do the most while being able to get to order by order with the team.

On our behalf we do apologize for the delays up to date, it’s been a real craze being able to get to everything and everyone at the same time. We will do better. I know how much time is valuable to you all.

If ever you have blemishes or something wrong, I mean hit us up. If you feel disatisfied enough that even before you install it that you want a replacement for scratches or anything I mean I don’t see why not. We’re here on support for a reason, not on forums to be able to voice over what one or two emails can do to make you satisfied with what you bought. I can offer new heat sinks at times to reduce your lead time on getting your build running, if it comes to a unit replacement because replacement parts aren’t enough for you, then really let us know. Your opinions matter and we will help on whatever we can reach for.

60D+ only introduces better heat management and bulletproofing on components. It’s a plus version, a one up on the 60D original.

Anyways I’m still off on weekends, but I dip time to time.