Lacroix Falcon Drive adapters work with the MBS Rockstar Pro II XL Alum Hubs?

Hey has anyone used the Lacroix Falcon Drives with the MBS Rockstar Pro II XL Alum Hubs?

I emailed MBS & they said the hole patterns in all of their rims are identical. But from looks of the technical partly dimensioned drawings on MBS website i’m not convinced…

The Lacroix Falcon drives have that adapter that works with the MBS Rockstar II rims (The plastic ones you can get for like 15 bucks each).

the adapter fits into the bolt holes on the MBS Rockstar II rims as well as their Lacroix custom rims…which i think are meh for $500…but these new MBS Rockstar Pro II XL Alum Hubs look great and are lighter…would love to get set of these alum MBS XL rims to use w Falcon drives.


Afaik all MBS bolt pattern are the same, screw length probably is different depend on model, but the circle is same

just an update on how this process went to install the falcon drive adapters onto the MBS XXL ALUMINUM RIMS.

I ended up making my own bolts by going to the hardware store getting the right size all thread and nuts to fit that all thread.
then I cut the all thread to length & I used the bullet shaped nuts that came with the rims to screw into.

and then I Red loctited the nuts that I bought to fit the all thread I bought at the hardware store.

I left a little extra all thread…(2 threads worth maybe) protruding past the end of the nut and set them in a vise loosely hammered the end of that all thread that was protruding from the nut so it flanged out so the nut wouldn’t be able to unscrew off the end of the all thread.

then I applied a lot of superglue on the top of the smashed end of the nut all thread combo and also flipped it over and super glued around the bottom side of the nut at the end of the all-thread .
if that makes sense…

I did that 10 times and that’s how I got the right length of custom fastener I made to use with the MBS XXL Aluminum rims with the falcon drive adapters.

here’s pics of the final product…I’ve ridden at least 600 miles on this assembly and have had no problems.

probably more trouble than I needed to go to…I’m sure I could have ordered bolts that were fabricated that were longer than I needed and cut them the length but I was bored and I wanted to get them installed onto the used Super sport I purchased.

I also did a deck swap and put everything from the Super sport onto a flux AT2 deck cuz I’m 6’6 and that extra inch of foot bed length and extra half inch of width just makes it so much more comfortable to ride for me .

it came out very clean and the AT2 flux motion deck is actually lighter than th dupersport deck & I think the nose and tail tips are true 35 degree inclines where the super sport deck I think maybe 35 in the front but a little less in the back so the thing is actually quite a bit more nimble as well.

despite fact I’ve widened the distance between the two front wheels and back wheels quite a bit by using the MBS XXL rims and the extended axles that you need to install on hypertrucks to get the falcon drives installed correctly.

the whole thing handles so much better in my opinion than my friends super sport that he bought 1½ years ago with pretty much all the upgrades…plus i got one with the 100d storm core as opposed to the 100 dx…

which i trust infinitely more than the 100dx…

especially after watching the magic blue smoke come out from the back of my buddy’s super sport about 3 weeks after he got it while he was just walking next to the board and slowly keeping it moving next to him as we we’re going down the sidewalk.


Beautifully done. So if I wanted to put XL’s on my Lacroix jaws 2.0 (red hypertruck baseplates) Would I need to buy the longer 146mm axles to replace the stock 131mm? At least on the rear? I have bn m1-at gear drives that fit the 131mm w/ nylon rs2 hubs

Thinking on using rs2 pro alum front and XL’s on rear to avoid scratching the protrusion of the rims on 8" tires at least on the front but wonder if that would effect speed wobbles at higher speeds as I like to cruise 35+mph. Noticed scratches on your hubs.

So what size did your hub bolts end up being? I’m thinking I would need M4 x 40mm socket head cap screws.?.?

The longer lacroix axles are only required for the falcon drive because they did a weird design on them.

If you are running Bn drives you are correct that you have the normal short lacroix axles (typically used with belt drives).

I’m pretty sure you can use the mbs xl hubs with your current axle. The offset is the same on the inside iirc.

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I appreciate that. Thinking on rs2 pro alum on front and rs2 pro XL on rear. What do you think that set up would do for higher speeds speed wobbles? Help or contribute?

I don’t think that setup would do anything to make speed wobbles better or worse.