L-Faster Hanger on Trampa Baseplate?


Do you guys thing I could fit the hanger of this (https://www.amazon.de/L-faster-Offroad-Skateboard-LKW-Nabenmotorenräder-Mountainboard-Federwagen-Hoverboard-Motorrädern/dp/B0832N37SQ) to a trampa baseplate (INFINITY Baseplate - Silver)?
Do you reckon I can use springs from trampa?


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Trampa typically uses springs, the barrels are kinda recent addition to their offering.

I guess you can use those trucks on their deck, even if the hole don’t line up, you can always drill new ones.

Now, as for should you use those trucks at all, I don’t know as I never used them. That being said, I wouldn’t buy those if I had the money for more popular trucks like the matrix II

thanks for your reply! =)

sorry, I wasn’t really clear it seems:
I am not trying to mount the trucks to the trampa board (which would mean drilling new holes, which I’d rather not), but rather to fit the hanger of that truck to the trampe baseplate.
I am hoping to use the trampa springs, as they seem to be harder and also allow the use of dampas.

I want those trucks because they allow me to easier mount these suspension things (2pcs New Skateboard Suspension Bridge 8inch Long Board Truck Seismic Spring Damping Trucks|Skate Board| - AliExpress) inbetween the trucks and wheels.


I don’t think they would work, those look like they fit directly over the lathed bits on their custom hangar, and won’t clamp properly over the hangar you found, unless you lathe an adapter. It likely won’t clamp on the square profile of a regular Trampa hangar either, and even if it did, they look like 8mm axles, rather than the 12mm used on mountainboards.

Oh sorry, my bad. I was half asleep :sweat_smile:.

Can’t help there sorry

No. I tried that. Didn’t work.


Wait… the suspension shows rkp trucks but you are using channels? Iirc the hangers are gonna be pretty different. Maybe works tho

No, I tried. I own l faster and tramps. I tried to see if I could fit the barrels to it, and it’s too large to fit.

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no i am saying you want to use channel trucks and also those suspension attachment but they show smaller rkp clone truck not channels in the pic for the suspension.

unless I am confused, you are lol

If you’re talking about fitting the plate to the l faster part, this is what I’m referring to. It doesn’t work. If you meant something else, I’m lost.

Edit: oh that. I’m not sure myself, but the plate won’t fit.

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the suspension kit is made for caliber clones

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I realize that the suspension kit is for regular skateboard trucks.
Here is the plan:

  1. get a trampa board, the suspension kit and the L-faster trucks
  2. CNC a piece that is a D-shaft on one side (to fit the trucks) and a triangular shape (or just a shaft with indentations) to fit the suspension at the right angle and mount the whole thing on the trampa board
  3. profit! (or rather a mountain board with independent suspension)

I have found a drawing that shows that the L-faster trucks have the same mounting hole distances as Trampa - is that right?!

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I fitted the bigger L-Faster Trucks on the Trampa Vertigo Hangers.

This was needed to fit the longer Trampa springs, as the hanger was longer than the L-Faster one

I did have to make my own Nylon bushings though, so it wasn’t all plain sailing

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I’m keeping this as my reminder of what fits better. Does it turn however? I had difficulty when using barrels. It didn’t really fit. It doesn’t look like it’s bolted yet.

well there are also these:

I am also curious about using the trampa dampas with those trucks.

It makes them very stiff.

Since the L-Faster Springs are shorter, the bushings barely fit in so you really have to work it to turn the truck. They could be cut down a bit, but I went the other way and ended up with the Trampa baseplate in my mix

I have those as well. They’re very stiff and don’t really need dampas in them. The springs are shorter, as @Louie said.