Kweld spot welder

We’re about to have the first units ready (prototypes) in maybe 4 weeks :slight_smile:

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I just got a kweld and I am planning on setting it up with a car battery.

I was wondering if I will need to buy anything other than these Battery Terminals from Amazon to put on this 850 CCA 12 V car battery from Walmart. I have read some recommend 700 CCA from autozone.
Will I need some more 8 or 12 AWG wire and XT150 females to connect the cables to the battery to remain under inductance max and 2000 Amp?

Will the kweld calibration lower the needed voltage of the battery to stay below safe levels?

Or would I need to drain the battery voltage myself?


The unit comes with 2x 20cm wire for the battery side. If you mount the welder on top of the battery, then the PB battery terminals should be all you need.

kWeld is basically a strong switch, it does nothing with the voltage. These batteries usually don’t get close to the 2000 amps limit, and if so then the welder will abort the pulse to protect itself. This protection only fails for very excessive power sources, like in the 5000A range.


Thank you for the clear answer. I ordered 8 AWG BAttery terminals for car Battery terminals to connect to the provided wires

And this car Battery