Kweld for sale in usa?

Anyone in usa who can sell and ship me one super fast?

Anyone know where I can get mine fixed? I didn’t add the case n the probe touched it. There was no spark but went dark and stays dark. The fuse didn’t blow.

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Not US but i think this is as close as you’ll get with them in stock


Ordered. Damn what an expensive fuck up.

Wonder how long will take n gotta get this done… then finish sending last skate motors as soon as done

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Yeah dude, get yourself a case! I’m sure if you don’t have a printer that someone here could print you one!


I bought the case with it before n didn’t add it because a pain to assemble! Ugh.
But that place u linked are helpful n sending photos. I have a weird failure.


Sounds like even a super ugly/ basic case would be helpful too. A plastic storage tub with holes cut out and the unit just placed inside it would be better than no case at all.

I wouldn’t toss the old one unless you run out of storage space. It might still be usable once fixed. Or you could probably just sell it on ebay “as is” or as a “for parts” listing to try and make the fuck up a bit less expensive.


Reach out to directly. Frank will likely be able to help you figure out what happened to your unit and maybe you can repair it yourself.

The USA reseller asked for pics and likely repairable.
I’ll be putting it in something in the future.

How many joules people typically use? I was doing 80.

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80 jules is pretty high. For e.g., I get solid welds on 0.2mm nickel with 55 joules and 30 jules on 0.15mm. What’s your power source?


Using .2mm nickel. I guess I can use less joules. Is there a limit to how high is too much? The welds looks good to me and figure the more joules the better until…what?

And how many welds is good?

The rule of thumb is that you should be using as little energy as possible to form good welds. There are lots of reasons for this- less heat dumped into the cells, lower demands on your lipo, less heat into the welder which means less downtime etc…

Re how many welds, I do 6 per side of each cell which is typically sufficient for just about any cell you’ll run. Conventional wisdom here is that each weld is good for ~5 amps.

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That’s 5 molten spots or 10?

Each spot. So 3 pairs of welds per cell.

How manny amps did you have? I was useing 2 of them in parallel and thay dropped a lot over time

My dule set up is down to 1300 amps now due to age

I didn’t look at the amps. I thought the battery was doing well though and for sure the welds are good

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Well higher amps means the required weld is done quicker reducing heat. Lower amps means longer time meaning more residual heat left in the battry and that’s what is most damaging

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The point of the k weld is the consistency of the welds so you don’t see a reduction but heat will increase as the battry degrades. Unlike other welders were you would have to increase the mili seconds as the battry degrades.