Kushboard | Prism Origin V1 34" | Dual 6355 | 10s4p 30Q | Janux Drive | TB 110 | DIY Enclosure | Dual Focboxes

Here it is, the one that started it all.
I embarked on my DIY journey on February 2018, and little did i know it would grow… like REALLY GROW.

Do note that this build started off weirdly, using odd configurations, but later was changed as i expanded my knowledge on esk8.

Ok here goes. I had a Earthwing Chaser 32", with Caliber IIs and Kegels, hoping to turn it to a dual drive.

Electronics wise, i went with these.
Torqueboards 190kv dual 6355
Torqueboards VESC, 2x
Torqueboards Motor mounts, 2x
Torqueboards Motor and wheel pulleys, 16/36T
Lunacycle Antispark switch
6s4p 30Q LOL

And it came in a week after ordering, fast!

Also, using Psychotiller’s Coupe enclosure

Getting there, and starting to drill for inserts and all.

And the first test ride was awesome! Then the motor mount came loose. I’d say its user error because i didn’t know how to mount them properly. i did use loctite. But i secured the set screws in a way where all four of them was suspending the truck hangar, so the mount did not touch the hangar, just the screws.

Also, i found that this deck flexes a bit too much for comfort when on the kicktail, so i ended up changing the deck to a Kebbek Rockin Rookie 38", a pure downhill deck.

The birth of the Kush

Also got @Janux-esk8 Caliber II mounts at the time.

Painted it hammer black

Turned some ‘anti slop’ plugs. Does make it more responsive!

And its done! This is logged at April 2018.

Fast forward to July 2018 and the top speed of 25km/h from a 6s battery on 80mm kegels was killing me as my skill level got better. I got my hands on some 100mm Boas.

Also got 44T @BuildKitBoards pulleys for the Boas.

Started to build a new enclosure to fit a 10s4p.
Made a wooden mold first.

Fiberglass time!

Also upgraded the drive system to Janux’s new drive with cross bars, able to fit 15mm belts as well.

10s4p battery done,

And got two Focboxes, to run FOC

And it’s done! Upgraded to 10s4p with focboxes, 14/44 gearing and 100mm softer wheels.
Logged at September 2018

March 2019

Deck swapped due to the 38" being too long for my taste. This is a Prism Origin V1, 34"

Sanded the original paint

And painted it metallic candy green.

Tunnel risers as well, to make things cleaner.

And its done! Hopefully for good…

And that’s about it! Total, this gives me a top speed of about 45km/h, and a range of 40km with my riding style. As you can see, the first build is the one that spends the most in terms of monetary, as well as effort. As i progressed on from the start to finish, almost everything was swapped to fit the ‘skill level’ at the time. If you ask me, i think only the Caliber IIs, motors the battery pack is what remained whereas everything else is upgraded.

Take a look at the progression of the versions, if you would.

Now, one final thing i would like to change in the current version, is to swap to the Hammock Baseplates by @rey8801. This board uses way too thick of risers, and having an adjustable baseplate will increase the ride height, which i am fine with, and also change the angles to suit my riding.

That’s all folks! Uploading the rest of my build threads soon.


You got some serious skills in the fiberglass job. Really really impressive.


Your handjob is amazing. In fiberglass i mean @Linny


LMAO haha


C’mon @SeanHacker do your magic :joy:

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Beautiful progression of the build


Look good dude. Think im gonna have to make my own enclosure next time around.

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All the best! Look forward to days of sanding haha


Lol oh i know. I use to do auto body filler and fiberglass… PainInTheAss

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Its another stoned groove :fist_left:t2:

Ps. Ever pick up the unintended board due to the griptape being the same?


Dude you did what I’m thinking of doing with my current build, do you mind checking out my thread for some insight hence you’re running caliper 2’s as well?

Nah, if you look closely, the griptape between all my boards are slightly different. The Spud has smaller weed leaves, the AT one has darker greens to it. :joy:


Linny I think I’ll have to go there and have you explain the minutiae of it :metal::joy:


I will joint you, if possible, just to be sure :smile: :rofl:

EDIT : Always a big fan of your finish Linny ! Insane work as usual :+1:


that custom enclosure is on point!
if you showed me the end result, i would assume it was bought!

good job man :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I took a good week to make the enclosure, tons of work, but worth it in the end.


So neat. So clean. So pro. I love it

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The Hammock baseplates by @rey8801 came a couple days ago, and its time to remove those damn risers!

Lolol guess I need shorter bolts

The back is only on a tunnel riser and a flat land bashguard to account for the height difference at the front.

And it’s done! Looks a lot better now and I can do tight turns now and I carve like crazy on these, not to mention how stable it is. Front is on 65 deg I believe, and back is at 30.


Bye, given to @BillGordon as a peace offering


Amen man!

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