King in the North - Uphill freeride and race - 31. aug. - 1. sept

Become King in the North - Uphill Electric Skatebording.

The yearly downhill event in Denmark are now accommodating Uphill Electric Skateboarding.

Get your ass to Denmark and take part in two days of laid back freeride and/or competitive uphill racing - as it suits you best.

The hill are open for both freeride and racing both days. We will accommodate and enjoy both, and crown the first King in the North uphill electric skateborder

The track is 1.5 km long and is 16% at the steepest part. If your battery can handle it you are guaranteed 20 runs each day.

We will blend with the downhillers and enjoy a great weekend of skating.

You can take part in two ways.

  1. Full ticket which grants access to the entire event and facilities (closed road, crew with corner marshals, bus up and down, toilets, camping, and registration).
  2. Volunteer - Work one day - get one day of skating.

Tickets (80€) here:

Safety: Full face, kneepads, elbowpads and gloves.

Ticket sales are final. Refunds are only given if the organisation cancels the event. The event runs regardless og the weather.

Any questions just ask me.

Officiel facebook event site:

The King in The North is BACK for our 5th year!

Last year’s most laid back freeride/race event is back, with another guaranteed 20 runs each day!

Lay down and Standup

Saturday: Freeride and/or Race to quali

Sunday: Warm Up and Race - early eliminations and non-racer’s can freeride all day untill the Open semi’s.

Danish Champs, Lay down classes also included.


80 euro



The same spot as last year, right at the beach at bottom of the track on the fjord, across from the pancake house! After-skate swim anyone!? (Seriously, bring a swimsuit!)

Free Shit

T-SHIRT! For riders and more for volunteers!


Not provided

Safety requirements

Race: leather, full face helmet, gloves, and shoes.

Freeride: (Leather recommended) Full face, Kneepads, gloves, and shoes.

Volunteers Needed

Direct message us and we’d love to put you to work!

Free skate gear or 1 free day of skating for those who help!


Year 3 raw run 2017:

Year 2 raw run 2016:

Year 1 edit 2015:

Year 1 Raw Run 2015:


Was wondering already if it was here.

Again looking for transportation from The Netherlands.

Hey David what are the eskate requirements for participating?

Surely not the same as the downhillers.

Also is there perhaps an eskaters participation price? Some are saying that €80 is a bit steep.
What does €80 get you exactly? Some of us might just want to free ride and not compete.

Also what about competition prizes? Are there any?

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The downhiller wants to see full face. The rest is up to ourself. I suggest kneepads and gloves as a minium.

I have been negotiating with the organizers about how we could participate, as I think some of it (race and price) will be a roadblock for some. I have suggested different options for them but… they are welcoming us, but on the same conditions as the downhillers. Full ticket which grants access to it all, or volunteer one day (as corner marshall or the like) and get one day of riding for free. I know they are struggling each year to cover all the costs they have organizing this, so I don’t think the price will change.

This is foremost a downhill event that we can enjoy too. They are welcoming us and are changing format for us, so we are accommodated on good conditions.

Prizes: I honestly dont know yet. The event do have skateshops like sick and skatepro as sponsors and there are prizes. I have not discussed this with them yet. Perhaps some of the eskate related companies will sponsor. But I see this as a golden opportunity to get to freeride and race on a closed road with the downhillers, and prizes are secondary to me. If we end up being a whole lot I will make sure there will be good prizes.

They do stress that this are both laid back freeeride and race for them that wants that.


By the way…


Wheelspin up the hill, I like it. Was that someone in the 2nd clip with scooter wheels following?

That is Daniel from Lazyrolling on his Kaly.

Ooops, must have been a trick of the light!
Looks like you got great weather.

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