Killshot/Dickyho AT Board (Budget)

Got a bunch of spare shit laying around, and wanted to get some things ready for my killshot deck anyways, so I slapped this together for now. Obviously will be ditching the garbage ass diyeboard battery when the deck comes. Got a 12s4p 30q waiting for it.

Dickyho At Kit, (wheels, tires, mounts, gears, crossbar) $161 used from @ZachTetra

2x Tb Vesc, Nano remote, and random ass enclosure from @Frankenknolly $120

And then I used the Arbor Axis Deck, and bullshit battery from my spare board.

Actually worked well for my friends to use. Already has a bunch of holes in it, had the deck itself for close to 10 years. Looking at diyeboards prices we will say $200 for the battery, enclosure.

Tore out the diyeboards esc, resoldered the bullet connectors on the TB vescs to 5.5mm bullet, extended the power wires and changed them to xt-60, then picked up a parallel loopkey from @hyperion1 because I’m now out of connectors and that was honestly faster and cheaper, and mostly because im lazy. $22.

Later I swapped out the motor gears for torqueboards 16T, much better. $32 I think

Picked up 2 sealed maytech 6355 200kvs from on the forum for $200, and swapped them out for the 190kv 6374 flux drives on my street build. Don’t remember what I paid for those. We will say $240.

Total (minus deck) = $775
Factor in killshot and 12s4p (will update) $1,125

Put the drive train together yesterday morning.

Last night plugged everything in, heatshrinked the phase wires, and programmed the vescs.
Only running 40a battery max because the battery is garbage, and -4 regen.
Through some crude foam padding and a light coat of silione around the loopkey areas in the Vesc enclosure today. Sorry, no pics, was in a hurry to ride.
Then crudely drilled some holes and mounted things half ass for now.

Needless to say, it’s nothing special. But it works, and it works well. I went for a 6 mile ride today before swapping motor pulleys from 12t to 16t and it could bring me up the steep hills around me, even in the grass (rough though). I weigh 180lbs. Topped out around 25mph surprisingly. Rode again before posting this and 16t feels MUCH better.

I really only wanted to post this to show the power of budget parts. It will evolve and I will update it.




Clean up phase wires into enclosure with light coat of silicone. It is temporary afterall.

Flip and raise the motor mounts, they are fine and dont hit the board or ground, but not enough ground clearance.

Upgrade to killshot and 12s4p.

Nice!!! Glad they worked out!!! Replace that battery and up the numbers a bit and you’ll be flying!!!

I will when the killshot comes! Have the battery already!

Was the original from my street, but dropped it to a 10s.

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Quick update:

Still waiting on deck and enclosure, but me and my buddies have been making use of the monstrosity none the less.

5 charge cycles to dead so far. 34v soft 31v hard cutoff. Not surprising - about 12mi range on this setup at about 190lbs with gear.

The torque and acceleration is great. Running the low settings doesnt even seem accurate to me, but then again, this is my first attempt at AT tires. Easily hits close to 30mph and quickly with enough acceleration to throw you off.

Efficiency is shit though, belts are so tight that you slow down with no throttle. Will add idlers when changing over.

Im actually surprised at how well it works with the diyeboards 10s5p. Dual 190kvs, at 30a/-30a each, 20a battery max, -3 regen, I’m blown away it works so well.

Battery seems to be holding up as well after sitting on charger overnight last night. Still reading 41.7. Keep in mind this has had too many cycles to count.

Still wouldn’t recommend buying one, but as a budget option for JUST a battery, seems you can make it work.

The sad thing is, I’ve always used that battery for my starter boards for my friends. I changed a few settings after the last time I rode it, let someone inexperienced ride it, and I stepped on it and was blown away myself.

If they want more range, meepo and wowgo sells 14Ah battery + enclosure kits for $320

Another good “budget” pack i would say for what you get

I really wish I would have done A build thread on my hummie build, but this is what I’m working with.

Ok so the killshot came a couple of weeks ago. Been busy with other things so didn’t start until today.

Couple pics of the board and enclosure.

Ended up having to drill out holes before mounting baseplates to the deck with the dickyho baseplates. Luckily have access to a mill at work, super easy.

No X-thingies so just went with larger fender washers I had from a previous project.

Everythings fits, checked for wheelbite, and enclosure gap. I will be able to raise the motors a couple cm, may not have to flip to reverse mount.

Ditched the old battery, grabbed my 12s4p psycotiller 30q. Had a dead P back earlier this year, a local shop replaced it for me for a decent price and warrantied it knowing what I was using it for. (I’m not confident enough to build my own, yet)

Dremeled holes and epoxied loopkey and charging port in.

Adding foam for fitment/dampening.

As far as I got for today. Not much to do though. Battery meter should arrive tomorrow, could use suggestions for griptape! Trying to stick with the black/blue theme.