Keep or sell? Opinions?

Hey guys, I just recently got those fancy hubs and don’t really know what to do with them since I already have too many projects going on.

Here they are, they are sk3’s modified to fit 90mm urethane. They both work great and spin freely. The torque isn’t that great but I can tell you the top end is. What do you guys think?


I think of you don’t like them you can send them to me. Will pay you shipping, don’t worry :relieved::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Put them on a ice chest. Then you ride the boardwalk with cold drinks.

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But seriously, i‘m holding so much stuff I should probably sell, but say me that one day I will need it again…
If you not happy with the performance and don’t need them or plan to use them in the near future, than put them up for sale and better buy the gear you really want or need for your next project.

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Well, I already have 2 full drivetrains and don’t need them, I was thinking of putting them on a spud but I can’t keep spending all my money on esk8, lol.

Whats there kV? If those sk3 than it’s probably 150kV or something?

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I think so, they worked with my 190kv setting on one of my vesc’s though

Maybe run a kV test in the vesc tool than you would know exactly.

aren’t these a very early prototype carvons?

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You are correct sir

I don’t know, but it’s very likely they are 149Kv which is really high for this setup.


What is the width of this whole assembly? Is it about 27cm or is it higher?

Width is about 24 centimeters, but nut to nut is 26 cm

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Keep them for an Esk8 history museum


These would be good for a museum or a high-speed racing board.

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Are the wheels 97mm or 107mm?

They are 90mm


I have to say, you are a better english teacher then any of the ones I had.

I edited it quickly for you.

No, I don’t own any better English teachers. I’m not sure about the teachers you owned.