Kali Yuga 12s2p first build

I know I don’t have 8 motors, or a 21s18p shitbrickhouse battery, nothing really crazy will be going on here, I didn’t want to get in too deep for my first build, it can get overwhelming here fast :sweat_smile:

Welcome to my first foray into diy eskate, this all came about as a result of these stupid little things

causing me to send my zealot into a car tire and bouncing back over my head within my first couple weeks of ownership. (I didnt tell backfire that) :sweat_smile:

while waiting on them to send me a replacement deck, I bought one used for $60 and top mounted in a blue recycling bag until it rained, (no pics) and then drilled and mounted my backfire hardware to it. After getting my replacement deck from backfire i felt the need to build my own rather than having a deck just laying around.

Through looking for parts and tips, found my way here, bought a used tayto enclosure, realized it wouldnt fit because of concave.

Decided to make a fibreglass enclosure with the tayto enclosure.

Also decided to skin my deck for practice before fucking up the enclosure entirely.

Never worked with fibreglass before, all went pretty well given other peoples stories and opinions on fibreglass work. I did cave eventually for 2 air bubbles that I saw on initial cure, but just couldnt remove for the life of me, I got sick of sanding and trying to lay small patches of glass so I used an epoxy syringe and some toothpicks, probably the most rigid part of my enclosure :sweat_smile:

Shout out to the “$40 home depot enclosure” :sweat_smile: and all the other threads on enclosures and fibreglass and epoxy

I don’t know what the general practice is regarding @ in threads, so I haven’t. I assume anyone who wants to take a gander will. I can edit i think if need be. Anyone thats helped me out or sent me something I probably shouldn’t have purchased names are there, and everyone named was very accommodating, helpful, and patient while dealing with my “tism” I hate buying shit online, and I think I might hate postal services more. But parts list below

Bn270’s w/adj, baseplates courtesy of YeetMeat
Idler mounts, bolt through wheel pulleys, and enclosure thanks to Laserwolf
Eovan 105 rubber from razillian
Stormcore 60d from zachtetra
Scepterr 6374 from frame
Battery courtesy of spider battery systems as i have shocked and numbed out my arm before fucking with live wires (im dumb, what can I say) so batteries terrify me. Especially given kalys recent hard times, and “batteries running great but not charging” (if you know you know) :sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:

Still waiting on a few knick knacks before testing and final assembly. Im so close but the snow might just be closer :sob: I do plan on trying to ride through the winter with pneumatics, but idk how realistic that is :man_shrugging:

Some pics of what i have been doing to pass time instead of watching shipping tracking incessantly

I know the deck is going to be mostly covered but i couldnt help myself :man_shrugging: im going to paint the enclosure as well so im not too worried.

Stole a drill from work and did up my inserts last night :sweat_smile: it is looking like I should have everything I “need” by friday, will probably be buying 10mm bearings as my stepped axles still havent shipped :sob: and I’m probably going to use butyl and closed cell foam in the enclosure and see how that treats me for waterproof"ish" :sweat_smile: im so close i can feel the road rash :rofl:

It looks like I’m probably going to be getting 10mm bearings tmo, anyone in canada aware of a store i could go to to get 10mm speed rings and spacers? Can i use 10 flat washers as a spacer?

I hate ups, bunch of cunts.

Did all my vesc setup today, was kind of tedious, idk if I set it up “right” right. but everything ran on bench, almost took my trucks off my desk :sweat_smile: had to switch rx and tx pins to get voyager working, thanks again to the forum for pre emptively answering my questions :+1:

I do still have to paint my enclosure and clear coat and grip my deck but im right at the finish line, I could probs be riding this weekend if i crunched a bit.

Well i “finished” today, I rode it twice. First time mounts loosened and started hitting the ground, second run i forgot to put locknut back on axle after tightening mounts :sweat_smile: oops. Planning on riding it to work tmo, hopefully i dont die. Hopefully it doesnt explode. I think thats my first build done, now time to start an emtb?


This looks really nice, especially the deck as we don’t see much of those styles in the forum. Great to see your build coming together after all your research and parts collecting. Excited to see the final product.


Looks good man.


I’m really digging the art design you went with!

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That deck is gonna buy you some hella good theft resistance :rofl:

Ahaha natural deterrent, lets hope so. I have still been debating putting a tag in it somewhere for peace of mind.

I had a group of teeny boppers pull up beside me in a car at a red light while on my zealot and I’m fairly sure I overheard them talking about trying to snatch it :sweat_smile:

Seems useless without remote, idk why anyone would steal just the board, but i do seem to see warnings about it fairly often on kijiji and I think once here? but idk I guess I just dont understand fatherless behavior :rofl:

Damn that’s a lot of reading before diving into a first project, big kudos! Is the top deck surface gripped over the paint or did you frit or what’s the plan?

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Yeah, ngl i have caught myself far too many times on 3k+ post threads zoning out around 500-600, and only realizing at 800-1000 and having to go back and find the last post i actually read :sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile: my brain turns to mush from time to time

As far as grip, i am planning on doing something like this just with normal grip tape

I might put some clear on the blue, i forget how far forward i had my front foot when i was riding this deck initially :sweat_smile: i might also get a newbee footstop, i like the look of it, but idk what colour, and the giant “N” on it makes me think of a nono word though :sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:


Grip will look sweet like that. Super keen to see this one finished, cool to see you having a crack at the fibreglass! Its not as imtimidating as it seems once you just start!


Completion bump,
also I went to go to work this morning and my voyager gave me “low voltage” warning and it was vibrating like a mf. I assume this is low battery warning, and it is caused by me not knowing how to turn the remote off. So for anyone with voyager experience, How to I turn the damn thing off? Let me know if I am wrong also. :sweat_smile::sob::sweat_smile:

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Leaving in the “Very Easy” up top just to be a dick. To be fair it is counter intuitive

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Ty, ngl with all these holds and double presses there should be a third button imho