Jed Boards Interview: What are they doing over there?

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In our first ever interview at we manage to corner Jeremy Bogan of JED Boards and force him to answer tough questions such as “where the hell are all the boards?” and “can I get some clear wheels filled with gold glitter and LEDs?” and “why are you even doing this?”

We also go on to cover their gear drive systems, battery packs, Boa Wheels, their general plan of attack, and the underlying philosophy of JED Boards. He even quotes his mom.


So apparently somebody on reddit has accused me of being paid to do this interview.

I LOLed because i’m broke and never seem to get paid, and i know Jeremy is filthy rich so i could have been, but i wasn’t paid to do that interview.

I’m not going to go fetch the reddit link and put it in here because i don’t have time to immediately rinse off in the shower after doing so right now, but if someone else would like to dig it up and post it here i’d be fine with that.

My response, however, is this: JED Boards is building something that will disrupt the esk8 industry just a little. At the moment, the market is flooded with utter garbage. I have SEEN in private conversations (that i cannot disclose the full contents of) pictures and videos of the factories they’re using, the parts they’re making, and generally i have a lot of access to information about where these things are in production and what is going inside them. JED Boards contain no garbage. Everything in there is fucking premium. And before you tell me an 8S 2P isn’t premium then maybe you should adjust your perspective regarding what premium actually means. It will be the best built swappable airplane freindly battery pack on the market. The gear drive system is premium. The motors are solid. The electronics are burned and beaten with hammers and reiterated over until its perfect.

And lest we not forget, JED Boards is the force behind Boa Wheels. If the boards are half as good as the wheels on them i mean people are going to shit themselves over the feel and reliability of these things. Everyone will feel stupid. Everyone. Especially the haters.

I say this and i have no stake in that company. I just admire the hard work and expertise put into this. Nevermind the thoughtful, pragmatic approach they’ve taken.


Would you say these would outperform Hoyt’s 3 part travel friendly battery system?

So on the other hand there is the chance that you will feel stupid if they bomb.


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Premium” means “you can depend on this to not break-down on the way to work in the rain”.

And premium boards have large tails. Not one of those 3cm tails that doesn’t even work, but it checks the “tail” box on the marketing bullshit list.

Premium has absolutely nothing to do with being the fastest, best-looking, most powerful, longest range, cheapest, or most youtube views.

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that’s exactly what it means. Thank you.

i really don’t see how they could bomb. All the ingredients for amazeballs cake are there and the chefs know what they’re doing.

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But you said you won’t be reading our PMs!


of course not! i only read PMs on the builders forum.


And I thought premium meant golden motors. Silly me.


no gold is too soft for motor cans. It is instead made from Black Rhino skin and the pulleys are Orca teeth with scrimshaw on the face of them.