Jarvish Helmet for Esk8?

What do you guys think about using Jarvish helmet for esk8 ??? I know it’s a motorcycle helmet and it’s heavier than downhill helmets, but somehow having GPS, speedometer, and other perks that comes with it (in that price range!!!) very appealing to me.

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Kickstarter+non-established company=bad idea.


I recently switched from a TSG Pass to a dual purpose motorcycle helmet (Bell MX-9 Adventure).
However there is no way in hell I would buy
a. A crowdfunded helmet
b. Any helmet from a non reputable manufacturer (Bell, Shoei, Arai, AGV etc)


It has some safety certifications listed, so it might be alright. Since they’ve reached their funding goal already, I would wait for it to get produced and reviews to come in. It’s quite expensive, so for now you could just buy a cheap helmet to get you going.

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DOT means nothing.
ECE is ok but still since the helmet in not manufactured it is a moot point.


…or TSG and Ruroc

You’re not going to want to be wearing any ruroc helmet in a bad accident let me tell you.


Ruroc helmets are awful in every aspect apart from marketing.
TSG Pass is better but it is a downhill longboard helmet with considerably less protection compared to a motorcycle helmet.
Also when I contacted TSG for what was a manufacturing defect they basically tried to claim I had crashed the helmet which at the time was not true.
Here are some comparison pics between my pass and my bell. The Bell has twice the foam thickness.


It looks like older Ruroc models are on sale for $199. It’s a killer deal, but I’m not a bid fan of helmet + googles combo. Looks sick AF, but fov is not as good as TSG.

I would not buy a Ruroc even if it was 50$.
It is a sub par helmet in every aspect and there have been many cases where it failed to perform.


…And it’s just an ugly cosplay helmet that makes you look like a bobble head

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Steelbird SBA-2’s are >$100 shipped and will protect you brain in a crash, Rurocs cut into your face and eyesockets if you fall so they’re just for show(read:garbage).

Or you can DIY your own HUD and integrate it in your full face helmet? There’s a topic open here somewhere, I even linked transparent oled screen and tutorials for good measure.

Someone on the old forum who won BOTY did it I think

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Didn’t know, well it means we can do it :fire:

Should not even be expensive to do <40$ mod including battery.

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That’s a link to it :fire:

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Ok that’s a super huge version but POF works!

Edit : That build is actually insane AF

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