ISDT X16 16S Balance Charger

Absolute unit of a balance charger, and $$$$, thoughts anyone?


Wow, what a beast of a charger. I was just checking ISDT and it’s nice to see that they finally made charger that can do more than 8S.

The price here is high, but it can replace three 12A fast-chargers and charge-only BMS, on top of that it can provide variable charging current depending on need for fast/slow charging, fast 1.5A balancing (compared to 0,05A on BMS), discharging/storage-charging, battery health checking, etc. And the voltage is variable, so you don’t need separate chargers for boards with different S-count.

I mean this one is overkill for esk8s, even too much for humongous battery packs made by @Skyart, but if they made Lite version with lower charging current for half the price, it would be thing to consider.

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Another interesting new product is ISDT CM1620 industrial 2-16S 1-20A charger.

There is not much info about this and it is aimed for industrial applications, but it looks promising. The price is $129.99 on banggood. However it can’t be directly plugged into AC, it needs power supply and the interface is worse. Also I’m not sure if it offers cell balancing or not. But even without balancer the price is great for a fast-charger with variable charging current and battery S-count.