Is this the best deal on trucks and mounts?

been looking for a really good deal on trucks and motor mounts

does it get any better than this?



I mean yeah that works.

@dickyho has some for even cheaper.

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It is actually pretty gear price but then you’ll need baseplate a front whole truck. Or get dicky parts


Sorry, part of grown me is still a kid.

And yes +1 for Dickyho mounts and pulleys


If you can wait for shipping, you can get everything but a deck and battery from dickyho for dirt cheap, and the quality is legit…hubs, thane, pneumatic, street, off-road, AT…you name it

Dickyho mounts are cheap and imo one of the better looking mounts out there. Has a great fit and finish.

Boardnamics are legit mounts, for sure.

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They look much better than dicyhos

Think i read somewhere there was a problem with the trucks
Hopefully an isolated problem ?

Mounting plates look great, however, the clamps look strange …